UCF International Student Exhibiting 'Disturbing Behavior' Found With High-Powered Rifle

An international student attending the University of Central Florida will face deportation after UCF police responded to reports of “disturbing behavior” and found the student illegally possessed two high-powered rifles. The student, Wenliang Sun, is a 26-year-old nonimmigrant F-1 international student from China, whose recent actions, such as withdrawing and randomly purchasing a $70,000 car with cash, were noticed and reported by his friends and peers.


ClickOrlando reports the investigation into the student’s behavior began last month.

University of Central Florida student who acquired military-style rifles and “displayed disturbing behavior,” including spending $70,000 in cash, will soon be deported, according to campus police.

Officials from the UCF Police Department said they received a tip on Feb. 1 about Wenliang Sun, 26, who is an nonimmigrant F-1 international student from China. University staff members said Sun’s appearance and behavior had changed dramatically and he had previously disclosed that he owned a high-powered firearm, according to a news release.

Friends and roommates told authorities that Sun had recently bought a $70,000 car in cash out of the blue.

Police said they spoke to Sun on Feb. 2 and he told them that he owned an LWRC 300 Blackout rifle and ammunition that he kept in a public storage facility since firearms are not allowed in his off-campus apartment. Sun was unwilling to give the gun to authorities for safekeeping, officials said.

On Feb. 7, Sun bought a .308-caliber Ruger Precision rifle that he added a scope and bipod to, as well as ammunition for the gun, according to the news release.

UCF police said they were alarmed by Sun’s purchase and had already notified the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations about Sun’s behavior.


While federal law typically prohibits an individual who’s in the country on a nonimmigrant visa from owning a firearm, they can possess a gun if they have a valid hunting license or permit.

According to My News 13, “Sun had stopped going to classes, which was against the rules for F-1 international students. That allowed his nonimmigrant status to be revoked, making it illegal for him to own the firearms.”

UCF Police Chief Richard Beary told reporters that “see something, say something” worked in this situation to prevent a possible threat.

While the police chief is correct, it was his department, along with the other governmental agencies, that took action. “See something, say something” only worked because Sun’s peers reported his behavior, but someone with the power and the authority to do something took action as well. Unlike in Parkland, where numerous tips and reports of red flags went ignored, law enforcement did its job and did it quickly.


The response from UCF law enforcement is a perfect example of how other police departments should operate. UCF police did a fantastic job and showed the importance of acting on information about a potentially dangerous person.

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