As some Second Amendment supporters advocate for putting more security officers in schools and allowing teachers to carry in classrooms in an attempt to prevent further mass shootings, it doesn’t help when a teacher who said they’d be willing to carry to protect students acts irresponsibly with their firearm. It may be even worse when the teacher arrested for their negligence is a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

A chemistry teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Sean Simpson, was arrested after leaving his loaded Glock 9mm in a public restroom at the Deerfield Beach Pier. How do people manage to forget their firearm? Apparently, it happens more often than you’d think. Two parents put a handgun in their 5-year-old’s backpack while running errands and completely forget about it. The gun was then found by the child’s teacher when he accidentally brought it to class.

In another instance, a sheriff forgot his firearm in a school bathroom after a weekend event held on campus. Thankfully, a responsible student found the sheriff’s gun and did the right thing by turning it in.

In this case, however, Mr. Simpson’s forgetfulness could have been costly. It ended up in the wrong hands.

Once realizing he left his firearm in the bathroom, he went back to get it. Unfortunately for him, a drunk homeless man had gotten to it first. The man ended up firing off a round that struck a nearby wall.

Here’s more from the Miami Herald.

According to the sheriff’s office report, Simpson told deputies he’d left his gun by accident. By the time the chemistry teacher realized his mistake, the Glock was already in the hands of a drunk homeless man who had picked it up and fired. The bullet hit a wall.

Simpson was able to grab the gun away from the vagrant, Joseph Spataro, who was charged with firing a weapon while intoxicated and trespassing.

As for the MSD teacher, he was arrested and charged with failing to safely store a firearm, a second-degree misdemeanor. Simpson posted a $250 cash bond and was released.

Among the new gun control laws passed by the state of Florida, the legislature decided to expand the rights of gun owners by allowing teachers to conceal-carry a firearm if they choose to do so, after receiving the proper training. The Miami Herald reports that “On Tuesday, the Broward School Board unanimously rejected the state’s new program to arm school staff.”

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