Attempted Carjacker Takes The Saying 'Eat Lead' To The Next Level

An attempted carjacker took the saying “eat lead” to the next level when a mother of two shot him in the face.

Michelle Booker-Hicks was paying for her gas at a Shell gas station in Dallas, Texas when she noticed a man climbing into her vehicle with her 2-year-old and 4-year-old sons inside.


Reacting as quickly as she could, Booker-Hicks jumped into the car as the man started to drive off. Yelling at the man to pull over and get out of the vehicle, Booker-Hicks reached into her glove compartment for her handgun. Once in her hand, she fired once, shooting the suspect right in the face.

Here’s what Booker-Hicks had to tell FOX 4:

“I proceeded to jump in my backseat and told the gentleman to stop, to get out the car. He would not get out of the car. He turned around and looked at me. I reached over the arm rest to get to my glove compartment and that’s when I fired at him once I got the gun from my glove compartment,” she said.

The carjacker ran the car off the road and crashed into a fence. He was arrested and taken to the hospital.

Police said he will likely face charges for kidnapping and the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle or carjacking.

Booker-Hicks and her kids were not hurt.

She said she fired only one shot but she almost wishes she would have emptied the whole clip (magazine).

“I’m not a killer but I do believe in defending what’s mine,” she said. “I hope that woke him up.”

In the video below, the reporter states that Booker-Hicks decided to start carrying her handgun in her car that very day. Talk about perfect timing.


It just goes to show how important the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms is. Having a firearm in your vehicle or on your person can be the difference between saving a life or someone you love getting hurt. Gun owners don’t walk around hoping that they will have to use deadly force to protect those they love, but stories like this show that at times it is necessary and that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy, whether they are armed or not.

Surprisingly, after the suspect crashed the car, he staggered across the street where he collapsed in a nearby parking lot. At the time of FOX 4‘s reporting, his condition is unknown. But the fact he was able to walk away from the crash after being shot in the face may mean his gunshot wound was not as severe as one might think. The suspect should be thankful he was able to stumble away with his head intact.

Talk about starting the Fourth of July with a bang.

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