The Shaneen Allen case is breaking all kinds of cultural and political boundaries. Regular readers no doubt recall Editor Bob Owens’ recent article on the case: “What Passes for ‘Justice’ In Anti-Liberty New Jersey.” 

To review, Shaneen Allen was arrested by New Jersey State Police and charged with possessing a handgun and hollow point ammunition.This vicious criminal dared to have her handgun in her glove compartment while on a brief trip through New Jersey, and is now facing years in prison.

There is an update in the pre-trial maneuvering in the case:

“According to her attorney, she is eligible for a diversion program for first-time offenders that would avoid a felony conviction and mandatory 42 months in prison. But for reasons he has yet to articulate, New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain has refused to allow her to take advantage of that program.

Now, New Jersey Judge Michael Donio has denied Allen’s request to have the charge dismissed.

The words common sense were mentioned quite a bit during Shaneen Allen’s hearing yesterday in Atlantic County Superior Court.

Allen, 27, cried for a moment in the hallway with her son Naiare and his father after a judge denied her motion to dismiss weapons charges filed against her in October and refused to overturn a prosecutor’s decision to deny her entry into a first-time-offender diversion program.

So Allen walked back into court, turned down a plea deal that would have given her a 3 1/2-year sentence and decided to go to trial in October, hoping a jury would use some common sense and not send a working mother of two to prison for not knowing New Jersey’s gun laws.”

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