The G8 V2 and Blade Tech Holster
The G8 V2 and Blade Tech Holster

My September 1 article, “The Screaming, Flashing, Low Resolution Laser Pepper Camera Transmitter Abomination” provoked interest, and a letter from one Paul Hughes, C.O.O. of the company responsible for the device referenced in the article, the Guardian 8 Pro V2. 

 Good afternoon Bob (Bob Owens, Bearing Arms Editor]:

I recently read Mike McDaniel’s article on our product and thought it might be worth reaching out to you regarding its content.  It read as an indictment of our intent in keeping kids and staff safe at school and he furthered this with conjecture that we were suggesting that our technology, or any technology, could replace lethal force when it is justified.  As a former US Marine with combat experience and as a former Smith & Wesson employee I hope you take me at my word that the 2nd amendment is more than just a political discussion point for me.  My experience at Taser International rounded out my knowledge of what is operationally feasible for security officers.

What Guardian 8 advocates for is a layered defense for our schools, universities, hospitals, sporting venues and corporate campuses. How the layers are configured is a teaching point we deliver to school administrators on a weekly basis and includes the lesson of not bringing a knife to a gunfight. Run-Hide-Fight doesn’t work but we think the focus of the “Delay & Defend” protocol (prior to LE arrival) holds promise.  Each of the industries we serve are definitely concerned about active shooters, as in Mike’s example, but the majority of their concern is about lower level conflicts where the use of lethal force would be indefensible and result in years of litigation.  This video of a school security officer getting body slammed by a student is one “shoot-don’t shoot” discussion we have with them. As you may imagine, the discussions get lively but they also illustrate that the team had nothing to address the incident.  These discussions often lead to pricing questions and we explain that the unit with no other accessories is affordably priced at $279 apiece and requires no monthly subscription fees.

Philosophically, Mike and I are miles apart in arguing that one tool could address the security concerns of a school but I have a lot of respect for his background.  His experience in Cold War military service is commendable and his police service certainly engrained the value of capping off a non-lethal toolkit with a lethal capability in order to ensure he went home safely each night, career and life intact. His teachings in the Japanese arts remind him – and others in the practice – not to become the monsters we hope to eradicate.

I have three asks of you as a publisher:

  1. A)Recommend that writers who evaluate a technology actually hold it and try it out. Whether you love it or hate it should be first-hand experience. We offer this on our site (free) and I’m guessing that Mike didn’t see that page.
  2. B)Encourage fact-checking of the stories being published. Mike mentions that our camera is low resolution, citing a 1megapixel camera as proof.  Megapixels describe the size of an image, much like saying I have  5” x 7” photo of my jarhead buddies on my desk.  It speaks nothing to the resolution of the images.  The fact is that the Pro V2 product is capable of high definition video at 720x480p.
  3. C)Clarify that our website makes no mention of law enforcement as our target audience. This tool was not tuned to that mission.

Best of luck to you in your continued success. Stay safe.

The thrust of the original article is best expressed by this paragraph:

The problem with such devices is they tempt the uninformed, politically correct or merely timid to abandon truly effective means of protecting lives. Once a school administrator purchases a large number of such expensive devices, they can scarcely admit they made a major mistake, and end up inflicting ineffective, even ridiculous and dangerous methods and policies on those not in a position to effectively argue against them.

And so it was, the very day after I replied to Mr. Hughes, I found a shiny new G8 Pro V2 and accompanying Blade Tech holster in my hands, delivered in person to my wretched hovel by a helpful and savvy local representative who was careful to impress upon me that the Pro V2 is primarily designed for and marketed to the security market. I have no reason to doubt him in that assertion, however, I have no reason to doubt that the company will sell the product to those who, lacking adequate tactical knowledge and resolve, might be tempted to use it in the sense of bringing a pepper sprayer to a gunfight.

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