The first five articles in this series:

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A Gun Ownership Primer: Political Realities, Part 1 

Having had time to think about the last article in this series, perhaps readers are asking why it’s necessary to discuss political philosophy. Isn’t this, after all, a gun blog?

Gun ownership is an express right of the Constitution. There is no exercise of a fundamental, unalienable right any citizen might exercise more likely to bring them into direct confrontation with government. One may exercise the right to freedom of speech and generally expect nothing worse than an IRS audit, but anyone accidently carrying a lawfully possessed concealed handgun into a prohibited zone may find themselves imprisoned and fined, their property confiscated, their lives hampered, even ruined. Gun owners that do not understand the dynamics of modern American political philosophy are as unarmed as those without firearms.

Article 5, part 1 of this series ended with a general discussion of the progressive tendency to favor, even praise criminals and terrorists. Obvious evidence of this can be seen in the Obama Administrations embrace of Palestinian terrorists that refuse to renounce their founding documents calling for the destruction of Israel–our ally–and the genocide of the Jews. It can also be seen in their hatred toward Israel and in Mr. Obama’s serial insults of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people. When in November, 2014, three American Rabbis were murdered by Palestinian Terrorists while at prayer in a Synagogue in Israel, Palestinians celebrated the slaughter. President Obama drew moral equivalence between the dead and the terrorists.

Domestically, unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is an obvious example of a terrorist murderer who enjoys great celebrity and acclaim in Progressive circles and is a long time confidant and friend of Barack Obama.  There is substantial evidence to suggest that Ayers actually wrote at least one of Mr. Obama’s autobiographies.  The National Endowment for the Humanities, which financially supports its Illinois affiliate, had no comment on its affiliate’s fundraiser, the grand prize of which was dinner for six in the home of Ayers and his equally unrepentant terrorist wife, Bernadine Dohrn who was for years on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.  Ironically, Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson successfully bid for the “privilege” and took the late Andrew Brietbart along. Despite Mr. Obama’s claims to barely know Ayers, White House records reveal that Ayers actually visited the White House on more than one occasion after Mr. Obama took office–odd for just some guy who happened to live in Mr. Obama’s Chicago neighborhood.

In 2013 Mr. Obama nominated one Debo Adegbile to head the DOJ Civil Right Division.  Mr. Adegbile is an article of progressive veneration for defending one of the most vile and progressive-celebrated murderers of the last half century: Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Abu-Jamal murdered a Philadelphia police officer and Progressives have done their best to lionize and free him for 30 years.  Of course, even murderers are entitled to representation.  What upset many, including the FBI, career DOJ prosecutors and others, is that Adegbile went far beyond representation, praising Abu-Jamal.  Readers will not be surprised to learn that Adegbile has impeccable radical progressive credentials and that he looked forward to easy confirmation by the Senate. However, in March of 2014, he was forced to withdraw his nomination. He was so radical, so hostile to the rule of law, that eight Democrats voted against him, and this after Senate democrats changed Senate rules to allow confirmation with a simple majority vote.

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