Another Conflict Of Interest For Biden's ATF Nominee?

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Many scandals and conflicts of interest around Biden’s pick (David Chipman) to lead the ATF are circling. His current and past ties to gun control groups, his connection to the Waco massacre while with the ATF, him losing his gun while an ATF agent, etc… etc… etc… All valid concerns, but we have something much more concrete that can’t be denied in any way, shape or form. It would also be a massive conflict of interest for him if he were to be nominated to lead the ATF.
What are we talking about?
His wife.
A few days ago, we published an article on our website that details some information we found regarding David Chipman’s wife, Tara. We found that she donated over $21,000 to federal democrat candidates in the 2020 election, is vocally hostile to the GOP, and shockingly (sarcasm), she is a proponent of gun control. So, why is this a big deal and what does it have to do with ATF director nominee David? Well, Tara, his wife, currently works at ATF HQ and is the head of the Secretariat Division for the entire ATF! In fact, she is listed in the DOJ Correspondence Management Handbook as the main contact for all Department of Justice related inquires that involve the ATF. This information was obtained via FOIA in late 2019. We also published an article on this find and added a little bit more to it (including how she thinks Ashli Babbitt was a terrorist and anyone that is against her death is a terrorist too) :
So, not only would David be her boss if he’s confirmed, we would have a husband and wife duo (the head of the ATF and the “gatekeeper“ of into of the ATF) running the show for a lot of things for the bureau. Tara also had been very supportive of her husband‘s efforts while employed as a lobbyist for Giffords. In fact, late last year, she was helping him fundraise for the organization:
Does anyone else find it a little unethical that a division lead for the ATF, a taxpayer funded government agency, is openly hostile to a political party, makes her partisan opinions regarding guns known, and helps her husband out by donating and advocating for a gun control organization in which a now seated senator (Mark Kelly) helped form? It’s at least something that should raise your eyebrows, if not for the obvious conflict of interest of having your husband being your boss when you are responsible for the flow of information for the ATF? Do we even need to get into the fact that she was ”in the know” for Holder’s fast and Furious gunrunning scandal? What was this email (pictured) in regards to? A congressional probe on Eric Holder over lying to congress about F&F.
After new documents suggested Attorney General Eric Holder may have contradicted himself over comments about the Fast and Furious gun program, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) called on President Barack Obama to appoint a special counsel to determine if Holder lied to Congress.
“I write to urge you to instruct the Department of Justice to appoint a special counsel to determine whether Members of Congress were misled by the Attorney General during his recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee,” wrote Smith, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, on Tuesday.
“Allegations that senior Justice Department officials may have intentionally misled Members of Congress are extremely troubling and must be addressed by an independent and objective special counsel. I urge you to appoint a special counsel who will investigate these allegations as soon as possible,” Smith added.
Documents released on Monday suggest that Holder knew about the Fast and Furious gun program well before he told Congress in testimony that he had first become aware of it.
The documents include a memo to Holder from Michael F. Walter, director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, dated July 5, 2010, that mentions Fast and Furious.
But in May 2011, Holder told the House Judiciary Committee that he had only recently learned about Fast and Furious.
“When did you first know about the program, officially known as Fast and Furious?” asked Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
At the end, you’ll see reference to Darrell Issa. There’s a Tara Chipman email (page two here) regarding that to. What came out 1 day after that email? This:
The Obama administration sought to intimidate witnesses into not testifying to Congress on Tuesday about whether ATF knowingly allowed weapons, including assault rifles, to be “walked” into Mexico, the chairman of a House committee investigating the program said in an interview Monday.
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell E. Issa, California Republican, said at least two scheduled witnesses expected to be asked about a controversial weapons investigation known as “Fast and Furious”received warning letters from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to limit their testimony.
Mr. Issa’s committee is set to hear testimony from six current or former ATF employees, including agents and attaches assigned to the bureau’s offices in Mexico, about the operation — in which, federal agents say, they were told to stand down and watch as guns flowed from U.S. dealers in Arizona to violent criminals and drug cartels in Mexico.
The Chipmans truly are a match made in heaven, aren’t they?

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