These organizations support G & P and I hope you will support them.

National Rifle Association:

There is one primary association with enough reach into Washington, DC and each state legislature to make a difference and we need to support them. That is the National Rifle Association. The NRA is the only organization that can mobilize the vote and challenge those running for office that stand opposed to gun rights. Join the NRA.

If you are reading this you qualify for a discounted membership. $25 for a full year and it includes American Rifleman or American Hunter, insurance for your firearms and a bunch of other benefits that more than make up for the $2.08 a month the membership will cost you.


United States Concealed Carry Association:

You carry? You thinking about carrying? If you could get free emails on concealed carry techniques and gear would you take them?

Try out the Armed American email newsletter. No obligation, no risks and they won’t spam you or sell your name or anything shady. This deal is a no brainier. Get into the concealed carry community and see what the United States Concealed Carry Association is all about – and again it’s free.



Front Sight Training Academy:

Front Sight Training Academy, if you don’t know about them you probably should. Front Sight is dedicated to real world training with all forms of firearms. They offer classes at their renowned training academy and by DVD. You can also sign up for emails that have training tips for a huge number of scenarios.

Classes are conducted outside of Las Vegas at a world class facility. You will learn in a low stress environment from highly skilled instructors. Front Sight also offers courses to qualify for your concealed carry permit in up to 36 states. So it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned military vet, law enforcement officer, first time shooter or a woman that knows she needs to be trained but doesn’t know how or where to start and is more than a little nervous about the whole thing.



Thank you for taking the time to explore these organizations. They represent the best of the best. Get involved with these organizations for your safety and to support your right to keep and bear arms. We are a community – yep, a highly trained community of citizens with the ability and intent to protect ourselves.

Thanks – Mike P.

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