Trump: Time to get tough on illegal immigration


In his book “Time to Get Tough,” America’s most influential businessman wrote that one key to making America great again is to acknowledge and fix the epidemic of illegal immigration.


“Illegal immigration is a wrecking ball aimed at the U.S. Taxpayers. Washington needs to get tough and fight for “We the People,” not for the special interests who want cheap labor and a minority voting bloc,” said Donald J. Trump, who in addition to his far-flung real estate business interests is the host of the hit NBC TV shows “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Every year, taxpayers are getting stuck with a $113 billion bill to pay for the costs of illegal immigration,” he said.

“That’s a bill we can’t afford and wouldn’t have to pay if people in Washington did their job and upheld our nation’s jobs,” he said.

“I love America. I’m saddened by what I see happening to our country,” said the New Yorker, who toyed with the idea of running for president himself through 2011, but who endorsed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for president.

There is no need to write new laws, we need to enforce the laws we have on the books and treat those who violate the laws as what they are, he said.

“We shouldn’t want lawbreakers as citizens – and that what illegal immigrants are by definition: lawbreakers,” he said.

Trump said illegal immigrants and those help and encourage them take advantage of our natural sympathy for immigrants because we all have in our family roots people who came to America to make a better life for themselves and their families.


“Yes, America is a nation of immigrants, but that doesn’t mean we have to offer citizenship to everyone who crosses our border,” the billionaire said.

“Who wouldn’t want to come to the nation on earth? But, that obviously is crazy,” he said.

“What is not crazy is having an immigration policy where we decide which potential immigrants are entitled to citizenship, where we choose the best and most productive people who want to come here for that honor,” he said.

Trump said the focus should be on quality and what America has to gain.

“We should not let ourselves becomes the dumping ground for other countries’ undesirables,” he said.

“Instead, we should roll out the welcome mat only to those who can make our country better – and illegal immigrant criminals don’t do that,” he said.

There are many ways that illegal immigrants drain our energy and consumes our resources that we cannot use for ourselves, he said. One of the most insulting is the burden of illegal immigrants who break the law.

“Our prisons house 351,000 criminals who should not have be here in the first place,” he said.

“According to a report by the Government Accounting Office, the incarceration of criminal illegal immigrants costs the taxpayers $1.1 billion,” he said.

Another costly burden is the astronomical expense of welfare payments to illegals, he said.

“The root cause of all the welfare payments to illegal aliens is the so-called “anchor baby” phenomenon, which is when illegal immigrant mothers have a baby on American soil,” he said.


 “The child automatically becomes an American citizen, though this was never the intention of the 14th Amendment, which states:  ‘All citizens born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside,’” he said.

Once again, our goodwill is used against us, he said.

“The clear purpose of the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, three years after the Civil War, was to guarantee full citizenship rights to now emancipated former slaves,” he said. “It was not intended to guarantee untrammeled immigration.”

No other country has such a stupid rule, said the mogul, who took control of his family’s real estate interests in 1971, when he renamed the company The Trump Organization from the name his father Fred Trump used, Elizabeth Trump & Son.

“If an American mother traveling to Egypt on business and goes into delivery, do we instantly declare her child an Egyptian? Of course not,” he said.

“But, that precisely what goes on every day in America: women who have zero connection to the United States cross the border, deliver a baby, and their kid magically becomes an American citizen eligible to receive all the rights and benefits of those who have lived, worked, and paid taxes in our country,” he said.

Trump said while he and others are working to solve the problem of immigration, it is shameful that President Barack Obama makes jokes like this one the president told at a 2011 immigration rally in El Paso, Texas.: “All the stuff they [Republicans] ask for, we’ve done,” “Maybe they want alligators in the moat! They’ll never be satisfied.”


Trump was direct: “Mr. President, you might think border deaths, narco-terrorists and waves of violent illegal criminals into America are a joke, but the people who live along the border and communities under siege do not. “

Obama’s program is a failed Leftist experiment and we need to get rid of him, Trump said.

“We need a president who will get tough, enforce our laws, protect our people, and pull wages up,” he said.

“Bottom line: living in America is the greatest blessing a person could ever receive. If people want to live and work here, they should bring something to the table, not just feasting off it,” he said.

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