ATW: German student's killing: teens detail burglaries

The ABC News reports:

Two teenagers testified Thursday that they had stolen items from the garage of a Montana man charged with killing a high school student in that very place weeks later, and one of the teens said that may have been one factor that led to the German exchange student’s death.


Mykle Martin, 17, and Tristan Staber, 18, described how they went “garage hopping,” or burglarizing garages, in search of alcohol and other things after dark and hit Markus Kaarma’s house.

Kaarma is charged with baiting the shooting victim, Diren Dede, into sneaking into his garage early April 27, and killing him with four shotgun blasts after being alerted by a motion detector. He has pleaded innocent to deliberate homicide, citing fear of harm to his family and property after he had been burglarized twice before the shooting.

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