Three Florida men learned the rule about knives and gun fights the hard way:

A man was shot in Wellington Saturday night after pulling a knife and threatening another man.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says three men came to the home on Galleria Street seeking the homeowner’s son.

The homeowner came out and got into a verbal dispute with them.

One of the men threatened him with a knife.

The homeowner pulled out his gun and shot that individual, according to PBSO.

All three of the aggressors now face criminal charges. The man who was shot was treated for his injuries, which were not life-threatening.

It was not the smartest move for the homeowner to leave his home to confront the trio, but at least he had the intelligence to bring his concealed firearm when he stepped outside. The better option would have been to have the discussion through the door and avoiding the need to draw a weapon at all.

Remember, folks, that it’s better to avoid situations like this if at all possible.