The Last Jump: Chapter 49

“The oaths of a woman I inscribe on water.”
Sophocles (496 BC – 406 BC)

June 6, 1944
Dear Jake,
We just got the news that the invasion has started.  The radio played Ike’s order of the day.  We were told it was the same order piped into the ships waiting to invade France.  I got goose bumps just listening to him.


They stopped the yard for a few minutes and blew all the whistles on all the ships at the same time.  Everyone was crying, even the men.  The tears were more from hope that our boys come through this day safely and with victory.  Almost everyone I know has someone who is serving.  Most people have either lost a loved one or know someone who has.  The Western Union delivery boy is the most hated person in the country.  We hate to see him riding his bicycle because he only brings bad news.  But I’m afraid the news will probably get worse before it gets better.  There is comfort knowing the whole country is standing together with a single goal to win the war and bring our boys home.  We’re all in this together and we lift each other up when a lift is needed.

The spirit here in America is unbelievable.  We heard on the radio that church bells have been ringing all over the land all day.  The Liberty Bell was even struck once today for the first time in over a hundred years and it was broadcast live on the radio.  Volunteers are crowding into Red Cross shelters and rolling bandages and packing first aid kits and doing something, anything, to contribute.  The lines for giving blood are around the block.  Everyone is buying war bonds.  It’s almost as if we’re right there beside you.  I know that sounds silly but I feel so close to you today.  I pray that you are safe.


We launched the Intrepid a few months ago and right now there are 5 big aircraft carriers under construction.  I’m training other young women now and I supervise a crew of 20 welders.  That’s a lot of responsibility for someone my age but I’m sure there are a lot of 21 year olds getting shot at.  This war is making us all grow up faster!

Let’s pray that today is the turning point and that the planes and ships and tanks we’re building and the men and women that are serving can finally end this ugly War once and for all time.  Please know that all of us back home are working and praying for all of our boys to return home soon. 

I know our future has been kind of up in the air and a little unsettled, Jake.  I’m no longer willing to leave it that way.  If you still want to get married when you get home, I would be proud to be your wife.

Love, Macie

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