If Americans are still scoff at the fight to keep our guns, simply look to Paris. In a country that not only embraces Muslims but goes above and beyond to accommodate Islam, we are seeing terrorist attacks on its people in a disturbingly brazen manner. 

Here in the United States, we fight not only to keep our Second Amendment rights, but to expand our Right to Carry to ensure more Americans have the opportunity to carry if they choose to do so.

In a time when the world is in such turmoil, we are bound by political correctness and silenced by the idealism of tolerance. THIS. IS. NOT. OKAY. We need to be able to talk about these very real threats to our people and our freedoms. We need to have the discussion about what needs to be done and how we can protect ourselves here in America and around the world.

To take the mindset that these are isolated incidents and think ‘it won’t happen here’ or ‘that won’t happen to me’ is glib. It is extremely sad that people need to be reminded of what happened in Ottawa, Canada. Woolrich, England. Sydney, Australia. Moore, Oklahoma. Fort Hood.

Let’s channel Dr. Phil and get real, people. We have a ridiculous gaggle of media heads and vocal idealists who view attacks like the one committed in France as an opportunity to push other groups into the pot.

Think I’ve been talking about the terrorist attacks which took place in Paris on Friday the 13th? I actually wrote the last few paragraphs after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in January. At the time, the BBC said: “France is emerging from one of its worst security crises in decades after three days of attacks by gunmen brought bloodshed to the capital Paris and its surrounding areas.”

Now, just 10 short months later, the world looks a whole lot worse.

Recent history has proven an intolerance to the verbalization or acknowledgment of the threats our country faces, we need the ability to defend ourselves now more than ever. I pray I am never put in a position to have to defend myself, but if I that happens, I’m ready.

I often wonder if the people trying to strip me of my right to carry know that I’m prepared to defend my life and the lives around me. That includes those who don’t support my right to carry.

This is something the anti-gun movement fails to comprehend, and it needs to be pointed out. While they attack, curse, belittle, shame, and insult me, even try to portray me as some fearful, ignorant stereotype, I am strong enough to shield them from danger, even give my own life to neutralize a threat should we face one together.

Because in a moment where my life and lives around me may be facing a deadly threat, I’m not thinking “Hmm, before I protect the people around me, I wonder what their feelings are toward the Second Amendment or Christians?” No, in that moment, all I’m seeing a singular threat to myself and those around me and I’m trained to neutralize it, using deadly force only as a last resort, but make no mistake: I will if I have to.

I hope that similar attacks don’t happen in America, but if they do, I am prepared to defend myself and those around me thanks to my Second Amendment rights. If you have a problem with that, you are more than welcome to step in front of me. Because even if you don’t support my right to carry, I support your right to remain unarmed, and pray you never find yourself needing to thank me for being armed after learning the hard way exactly why I carry.