Iowa Governor Branstad Signs the Hearing Protection Act

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On the 31st of March, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed House File 2279, the Hearing Protection Act. As a result, Iowa is officially the 42nd state to allow for the sale, use, and possession of firearm sound suppressors, and the 39th state to allow the use of suppressors while hunting. This is a big step forward for the proud gun owners of Iowa, and would not have been possible without the action of the NRA membership in the state.


Suppressors help increase accuracy by reducing felt recoil and shot “flinch.” Beginners to shooting sports adhere to a quicker learning curve on average because the muffled sound equates to increased focus and concentration on proper shooting mechanics. Most importantly, suppressors reduce shooters’ risk of hearing damage, which can occur when discharging a firearm without the proper hearing protection. Additionally, suppressors can help reduce noise complaints from neighbors, particularly in more densely populated areas.

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Sponsored by NRA-ILA

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