Political Report: Disarmament Cloaked as "Common Sense"

Sponsored by NRA-ILA

What exactly is “common sense” in terms of gun control? While there is no perfect answer, it is certainly not found in the rhetoric being spewed by the Obama Administration. The American public does not support the Left’s ultimate goal of civilian disarmament, and trying to market each attempt along the way as “common sense” does not help this case.

The NRA-ILA posted a piece featured in the May 2016 issue of NRA America’s 1st Freedom, an official journal of the National Rifle Association, that went into depth about what the subjective term, “common sense”, denotes when being used by the left.

“Common sense’ is a somewhat subjective term, but the gun control movement’s obvious intent is to portray their proposals as popular, reasonable and benign. Alternatively, gun rights positions are to be considered extreme and out of touch. In reality, this is just a flimsy attempt to veil the oppressive consequences of their proposals…”

“Gun control advocates know full well that the American public does not embrace their ultimate goal of civilian disarmament. However, they are convinced this goal can be reached by gradually diminishing our rights over time, all the while purporting that each successive step is simply “common sense.” It is up to gun rights supporters to educate the American people about the ways in which gun control supporters deliberately conceal their true agenda to eliminate our freedom….”

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Sponsored by NRA-ILA