Bloomberg Just Can't Help Himself When it Comes to Oppressing the Rights of Gun Owners


New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg is a common name in the fight for oppressive gun control policies. It’s certainly no surprise that he is financing an anti-gun initiative in Nevada called Question 1, a measure to add taxes and government mandates to the private transfer of firearms.


This effort does not protect Nevadans. Government mandates and taxes on the private transfer of firearms costs law abiding Nevadans their time, money, and freedom. A Lander County Sheriff adds his testimony to the issue, stating that “if a criminal wants to get a gun, he’s going to get a gun, period.” Learn more in the excerpt below:

“Lander County Sheriff Ron Unger announced today that he opposes the Question 1 gun control ballot initiative and will fight alongside NRA Nevadans for Freedom to defeat it. Question 1 is an initiative largely bought and paid for by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. NRA Nevadans for Freedom is a grassroots organization aimed at protecting Nevadans from a measure that would cost them their time, money, and freedom.”

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