Prominent Political Figure Endorsed and Given A+ Rating by the NRA Political Victory Fund

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The A+ rating by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund is reserved exclusively for legislators who fight fiercely to defend and promote the Second Amendment.


Paul Ryan, current House Speaker and avid sportsman, has spent his time in Congress doing just that. In addition to their endorsement and rating, the NRA went on to encourage all gun owners, sportsmen, and hunters to vote to re-elect Ryan this November.

See below from the NRA-ILA, a few of his notable Second Amendment actions:

“• Worked to pass a bill that prohibited the abusive Obama administration practice known as ‘Operation Choke Point.’ This bill prevented the Department of Justice from intimidating banks and financial institutions into refusing/severing services to legal ammunition and firearms dealers.
• Protected and enhanced the rights of sportsman nationwide by orchestrating passage of the SHARE Act, which promoted America’s hunting heritage and positively impacted sportsmen.
• Co-sponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015 that would ensure law-abiding Americans with concealed handgun permit can carry their firearms in other states that do not prohibit concealed carry.“

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Sponsored by NRA-ILA

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