Even Democrats Think This Massachusetts Law is Insane

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As you may have read in a recent article from Bearing Arms, Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey made an attempt to unilaterally redefine what constitutes an “assault weapon” under Massachusetts law, in order to outlaw the sale of the most popular firearms in the United States.


Her “enforcement notice” has now come under attack, not just by Republicans within the Massachusetts state government, but by many members of her own party, as well.

See below an example of opposition to her proposal via the NRA-ILA:

“Possibly the harshest critique of the substance of AG Healey’s new ‘enforcement notice’ came from Daniel Bennett, the Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety and Security. Secretary Bennett paid particular attention to the vagueness of the two-part test articulated in the ‘enforcement notice.’

He raised substantial concerns that the new test could be read to apply to nearly any semi-automatic firearm when he directly asked AG Healey ‘Does your enforcement notice mean that your office considers any weapon, even a pistol like the M1911 that has these characteristics to be an assault weapon?’”

To read more on this topic and other important 2nd Amendment-related issues visit nraila.org.

Sponsored by NRA-ILA

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