It’s Do or Die for Your Gun Rights

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In an August ‘16 feature of the NRA official journals, Chris Cox lays out exactly what is at stake in the upcoming presidential election. Since the passing of Justice Scalia, the nation has been divided on the desired political ideology of his replacement. What kind of stance on guns do you think a Hillary appointment would have?


Cox has this to say:

“Let me ask you a simple question: If you’re at home and someone kicks in your door and tries to murder you and your family, should you have the right to defend yourself with a firearm?”

“Friends, that question will be answered for all of us this November. Because the next president’s first decision will be who to nominate as Justice [Antonin] Scalia’s replacement on the U.S. Supreme Court. His [Scalia’s] majority opinion in the Heller case set legal precedent for what we have always known—of course we have an individual right to own and use a firearm to protect ourselves in our own homes.”

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