Despite Severe Gun Control, UK Warns of Terrorist Gun Attacks

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With the abundant threat of terrorism across the globe, it’s a good thing the UK is able to keep its people safe with some of the strictest gun control measures in the world, right?



Due to the “severe” threat of international terrorism to the UK, their National Crime Agency and National Counter Terrorism Police issued a desperate appeal to the public to help prevent future attacks from happening. More specifically, to prevent terrorists or otherwise criminals from acquiring firearms. Their gun control laws are working out so well that they are now relying on their citizenry, whom they are supposedly protecting in the first place with strict gun control measures, to assist with controlling and preventing gun distribution.

See below an excerpt from the NRA-ILA:

UK law enforcement’s warning on terrorist gun attacks is a stark illustration of the fundamental flaw of gun control. Rather than scheming of new firearms restrictions that violent offenders will simply ignore, policy makers should be looking for ways to empower the law-abiding to better provide for their own defense.”

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Sponsored by NRA-ILA

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