When I see a lone police officer with a car pulled over on the side of the road, I slow down, and make sure that the officer isn’t in any sort of trouble before continuing on.

When I see a lone officer talking approaching a group, I sometimes linger, just to make sure they’re okay.

Thanks to several years of ever-more hyperbolic claims of “police brutality,” and a number of officers attacked and even murdered within the past year, I make an effort to “cover the six” of the Thin Blue Line. I don’t think I’m the only one.

Unfortunately, the agitators, race hustlers, cop-blockers, pandering politicians, and media have told their lies so long and so loud that they have triggered yet another unprovoked anti-police attack:

Prosecutors said a 24-year-old police woman was stabbed a total of 14 times by a man who allegedly told investigators he was out to kill the police officer because “cops are oppressive.”

Houston homicide investigators said Jeremiah M. Matthews, 23, tried to kill an off-duty Houston Community College Officer Aprils Pikes early Tuesday morning while she was working as a security guard at a Meyerland Walmart store.

During a magistrate’s hearing Tuesday night, prosecutors said, “The defendant gave a statement admitting he had the intent to attack a police officer and his desire to kill a police officer.”

Investigators at the scene said Matthews told them he did it to get back at police for what he calls brutal treatment. But customers helped stop the brutal attack.

According to witnesses, Matthews came into the store, tackled Pikes and began stabbing her with a hunting knife.

Matthews’ attack was senseless and barbaric, and it appears that the only thing that saved Officer Pikes from being murdered right there was the intervention of Abe Baker and other shoppers who rushed to tackle the madman. Baker grabbed Matthews’ knife arm and took him down before he could finish off the officer than he’d already stabbed 14 times.

After six hours of surgery, Officer Pikes is in critical condition and may lose her right arm. She is expected to survive.

Matthews is charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A family spokesman said Matthews had a history of mental illness, and that the televised riots from Baltimore Monday likely played a role in setting him off.

Keep a protective eye over the law enforcement officers in your communities, ladies and gentlemen.

After all, they do the same for you every day.