Front Sight Targets the Stereotypes

We are confronted everyday with stereotypes provided by the media of gun-users who are malicious.  Redacted (2007), Rendition (2007), In the Valley of Elah (2007), and Avatar (2009), were all films that portrayed people who used guns, usually those in the military, as uncompassionate, angry, and violent.  Often movie studios use an enlightened, dissenting liberal hero to be a contrast to a contrived military megalomaniac. These stereotypes permeate our culture, and pollute rational dialogue concerning the Second Amendment.  The reality about the vast majority of people who use guns, however, is quite different. Most people I’ve met have been respectful, careful, and resourceful people who are always happy to teach others proper and responsible technique concerning guns. Front Sight’s Firearms Training Institute, led by Dr. Ignatius Piazza just outside of Las Vegas, NV, is one such program that takes these stereotypes to task.


Understandably, gun training may seem intimidating for some people, but in the case of Front Sight’s Firearms Training Institute, one need not worry.  The Institute offers outdoor courses in handgun, shotgun, and rifle training, martial arts, and family safety (just to name a few). The courses have a friendly, accommodating environment suitable for marksmen of all levels. One can be an entry-level marksman, and still find the courses enjoyable and informative. For those who have an extensive shooting resume, the courses will also prove invaluable. 

Here is what participants had to say about the courses, in their own words:

“I’m five times more safe and proficient than I was just 48 hours ago!!”
-James Marak, Real Estate Broker

“After two days of instruction at Front Sight, I realized that had I been in a gun fight prior to this training, I probably would not have survived.”
-Ron Curl, Private Investigator

“This is the definitive course to take if you plan on using a handgun–the best I’ve seen.”
-Joseph Stevens, Sergeant Major, Retired, US Army


“I learned more in four days than I did in six years of shooting.”
Tom Hammersley, Gun Store Employee

Check out the Front Sight course descriptions. There are courses ranging from a one day handgun course to a four day Uzi Submachine Gun class and everything in-between. There are even Youth Achievement classes and Armorer courses. You will even find one of the world’s greatest Rope, Rappel and Climb facility at Front Sight.

Click here to see the course offerings.

15 Special gun training reports are ready for you. They are free. Thanks for being a Guns & Patriots reader. Here are some of the topics covered:

• The Comfort of Skill at Arms
• The Biggest Secret in the Firearms Training Industry
• 7 Deadly Misconceptions that Can Get You Killed
• The Color Code of Mental Awareness
• The Combat Mindset

Click here if you would like to receive these free reports. Front Sight will also include their award-winning Front Sight Legacy DVD.

Get armed and trained. Your life and the life of your family may depend on your ability to react in a crisis situation. Front Sight is a great way to combine gun training and a trip to Las Vegas, too.


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