Obama's Second Amendment Legacy

Firearms issues have always been a contentious topic among firearms opponents and proponents, alike; but the fervor has increased over the last 8 years. The false rhetoric, however – driven by the media, politicians with agendas, misinformed citizens, and both rational and irrational fears – needs to stop.


Whether pro gun or not, everyone needs to listen to reason. Law-abiding citizens deserve to have the right to protect themselves and their families through gun ownership. They deserve the right to enjoy firearms as a sport and for hunting. If you practice safe and responsible gun ownership, you should be able to claim your Second Amendment rights.

So, where do things stand now, after Obama has taken his last steps as president from the White House?

State-regulated concealed carry laws have evolved over the last 8 years to see restrictions lifted and the last two “no issue” states of Wisconsin and Illinois have become “shall issue” states.

Over Mr. Obama’s two terms in office, a number of strides with regard to firearms ownership and concealed carry have been enacted state-to-state, thanks to the hard work of Second Amendment advocates and organizations across the country. Some states made greater strides than others; but overall, more people own firearms and a record number of people lawfully carry concealed.

Federal firearms laws have not changed dramatically since Obama took office. During his Presidential tenure, his rhetoric around firearms instilled fear into gun owners, as he repeatedly claimed he was going to change the course of gun ownership through executive order, if necessary. Fortunately those claims never came to fruition. Although there have been a number of federal executive actions, they have had little bearing on most gun owners.


These executive actions are not substitutes for laws. Yet among other things, they do affect the way in which the FBI conducts background checks. According to an official White House fact sheet, Obama’s executive actions allow the FBI to commit “to making the system more efficient and effective, so that as many background checks as possible are fully processed within the three-day period before a dealer can legally sell a gun even if a background check is not complete. The improvements envisioned by FBI and USDS include processing background checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to improve overall response time and improving notification of local authorities when certain prohibited persons unlawfully attempt to purchase a firearm.”

In a recent interview on NBC’s “Dateline” with Lester Holt, Mr. Obama said his biggest disappointment while in office was that he was not able to enact more gun control restrictions.

Gun owners, advocates, and lobbyists – like the NRA – have been able to rally enough support over the last number of years to push-back on big government and politicians with agendas, who try and abolish the Second Amendment. These lobbyists and advocates understand what freedoms are provided to us through this constitutional right. They are also aware that criminals are not law-abiding and feel the rules do not or should not apply to them. Criminals will always obtain firearms illegally, leaving the law-abiding citizen vulnerable to victimization at their hands.


Fortunately, to date, our Second Amendment rights have seen less government infringement – but that is in no thanks to President Obama and his administration. If the new Trump administration maintains their vocal support and continued advocacy and respect for gun ownership, more restrictions will be lifted in the near future and more freedom for law-abiding citizens will be preserved.

President Trump and his administration are on point to end gun free zones on military bases; enact concealed carry reciprocity nation wide; legalize silencers, reform NICS background checks; allow historical firearms to be imported; and more. So stay tuned, because this administration could provide the most significant reconstruction of the Second Amendment in recent history; thereby, making gun ownership and carry more available to firearms proponents.

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