Crossing Lines: Where Violent Rhetoric Meets Media Apathy and Double Standards

We’ve all had some screwed up thoughts that if revealed, might compromise our character. We’ve all said stupid stuff; and unfortunately once said, we can’t take it back. That’s human nature. Nobody’s perfect.


I am curious though, if a regular ol’ Joe, or let’s say, Mary Smith said…

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair. As the poet W.H. Auden once wrote, on the eve of World War II: We must love one another or die.

“I choose love. Are you with me?”

…on a microphone, to a crowd of tens of thousands of demoralized, angry, threatened, and revved up protestors, would Mary or Joe be arrested, or at the very minimum interrogated on the spot? I believe so! Would they be investigated by the Secret Service? Or would they be cheered and patted on the back – encouraged to continue on their soapbox with accolades and “atta-boys/girls”?

I guess you could ask Ted Nugent his thoughts on the matter.

Back on April 14, 2012, Nugent spoke at an NRA Annual Convention, saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

The Motor City Madman was contacted by the Secret Service, and they met in Oklahoma. According to Nugent, the meeting ended well and it was confirmed to the agents that Nugent did not threaten anyone, and that he was not a threat to anyone – including Obama.


However, the next day, federal charges were leveled against Ted. The charges stemmed from a bear hunting trip in Alaska in May of 2009. A plea deal was entered into agreement making Nugent unable to hunt on U.S. Forest Service lands for one year. He was also required to pay a fine, and a number of other conditions detailed here.

It’s also interesting to note, that in a separate incident, a private conversation at a gym between two guys on treadmills initiated a Secret Service visit to the home of one of the joggers. It appears a third person overheard a private conversation and reported that conversation to the Secret Service; who, along with local police, investigated the report and found the content to be inappropriate, but not a threat. The so-called inappropriate comments were made about Hillary Clinton around the time of the election. No charges were filed.

It should be noted that Ted Nugent’s comments about Obama and the comments that were overheard about Clinton were investigated by the Secret Service and found to be innocuous.

Now, let’s go back to comments that I quoted regarding the White House bomb threat. Those actual comments were made after Republican President Donald J. Trump took the oath of office. And the statement was made, not by a guy named Joe or a girl named Mary – but by a multi-millionaire, high profile celebrity known by the singular name “Madonna”.


The statement (caution: foul language), which I am sure she has no plans to act upon, was made on a podium, during a demonstration to protest the new President and the policies he hadn’t even had a chance to enact.

Madonna’s statement, due to its content and audience, should be deemed sufficient enough to warrant a Secret Service visit and investigation; if for nothing else, to send a message. Inciting a group of mass protestors with vile and repugnant rhetoric, referencing acts of violence toward the home of President Trump and his family should not be tolerated or dismissed so easily.

Madge, dear, where is your sense of decorum? Your sexually explicit videos exploit men and women. Who anointed you the godliness which allows you to sit in a place of judgment? And preaching threatening venom camouflaged as your interpretation of love; you can’t be serious?

Freedom of speech is what this country is built on, and having crazy or threatening thoughts does not equate to action. Words alone are not the point here. It is about a not-so-subtle Machiavellian manner of the delivery of content. Her hostile approach truly isn’t preaching peace and love; it’s more a tool of mass destruction.

How can there be such a disparity between who and who isn’t investigated? How can a private conversation with some vulgarities get the attention of the Secret Service? How can a visit from federal officers over ignorant public comments, deemed harmless, end with federal charges? Yet very public and inciting, violent rhetoric goes without notice?


Mainstream media ignores and laughs; then dismisses this incident. Instead they have a preference to, ad nauseam, obsess on “alternative facts,” regarding an insignificant war on numbers. Obviously, this appears to be more important than the fact that a high profile, out-of-touch, hypocritical, elitist celebrity publicly talks about her vitriolic threats in public; under the guise of love and peace.

The real litmus test comes next. Knock, knock… or not?

I don’t image we should hold our breath on this one.

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