New to Shooting? Here are Some On-Target Tactics for the Firearm Rookie

Firearms are a hot topic. Wait, I take that back, they are an explosive topic. Everyone has their opinion, pro or con, fear, rage, loathe, love, respect, envy; passion on both sides abounds. So does ignorance.


Lack of knowledge fuels misconceptions and rhetoric. So, for those new firearms enthusiasts, I invite you to check out my three-part series created with you in mind.

Before I get too deep into things, let me briefly introduce my firearms experience to you.


My family was not the norm. My mom was the gun enthusiast of the house; so I was aware of guns growing up, specifically revolvers. When I decided to purchase my own firearm, I decided I wanted a semi-auto handgun and since the semi-auto was foreign to me, I decided to train with an instructor. Through one of my own instructors, it had been suggested to me that I should consider becoming an NRA Certified Instructor; so I mulled it over. I trained with a phenomenal NRA Training Counselor and his team, and I was certified in 2010.

One of the Training Counselors I worked with decided to mentor me. It was through his friendship, loyalty, knowledge, support, and experience that I continued my training with firearms, firearms law, and entry level executive security training. Through the Department of Justice, I became a Certified Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, and I also trained through the Department of Homeland Security. The training that I obtained through the DHS was enlightening and exciting; however, it should be noted that, for personal reasons, I declined to pursue employment as a federal security guard. All of my training to that point was based upon avoiding confrontations and that was engrained into my core being. So to shift gears and be someone who, on a daily basis risks their life by putting themselves into risky situations to save the lives of others; well that takes a “super-hero” type personality, and that’s not me.


I remain focused on training to avoid confrontations; and when they can’t be avoided, then training on how to properly use your firearm as a last resort when faced with imminent danger. I teach my students how to legally neutralize threats. My goal is to provide fact-based information that will encourage new shooters to be a well-rounded, informed consumers, gun owners, and concealed carry advocate.

Ok, so enough about me, what am I going to do for you?

The first article in the series will be an overview of firearms ownership, and an introduction into the world of safe and responsible use of firearms.

The second article will guide you on how to make the right selection for your firearms purchase, pointing out all of the necessary considerations. Buying any gun, just to buy one, isn’t the best approach; find out why.

And the final article in the series will feature a “best of list” with a review of concealed carry firearms and their similarities and differences. Think of it as a quick reference guide for the new gun buyer to peruse when trying to narrow down the best firearm for them to purchase.

Firearms as a hobby, sport, for hunting, or for personal protection can be fun, relaxing, exciting, and life-saving; but is often met with trepidation. My goal is to provide informative subject matter to ease your fears and introduce you to the oft-misunderstood world of firearms ownership in a number of multi-focused series. The first article of this series will be release next week, please stay tuned!


If you are a new gun enthusiast and you have any questions that you would like me to address in this series, head to Facebook and leave a question in the comments section. Remember to keep your question relevant to the topics addressed above, and I’ll do my best to include a mention in the appropriate section of the series.

As always, stay safe…

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