Who is Yusra Khogali and Why Does it Matter?

Yusra Khogali wants to ensure herself 15 minutes of fame; even if that means spewing vile rhetoric, while she transforms herself into being a super racist. It’s ironic that this is the path she has chosen in her fight to eradicate racism.


Khogali, a Black Lives Matter Canadian leader, is known for her public diatribes: from her infamous disruption at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade to a deleted tweet. Fortunately, or not, that tweet was saved by Toronto Sun columnist, Jerry Agar. In the tweet she was seeking strength so as to not “…kill men and white folks”.

Andre Marin nails it in his piece published Monday in the Toronto Sun:

Where BLM loses credibility, and fast, is by the growing number of ignorant comments by its leaders that, simply put, are a demonstration of hate. Last week, BLM Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali appears to have said white people suffer from ‘recessive genetic defects’ and mused about how the race could be ‘wiped out.’ She accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of being a ‘white supremacist terrorist.’ It wasn’t the first time Khogali’s put her foot in her mouth. Last April, she tweeted: ‘Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these white men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz.’ Critics who accused BLM of being discriminatory and racist may have a point.

It is not understood how her bellicose rage will inspire interracial inclusiveness, but maybe that isn’t really her end goal. Her incredulous attacks fascinate as to how she can ever be taken seriously.


Last Saturday, Toronto Sun’s Anthony Furey said:

Khogali has a track record of inflammatory, divisive rhetoric.

Only last week during a protest in front of the US consulate Khogali shouted into a microphone that ‘Justin Trudeau is a white supremacist terrorist’ and urged the crowd to ‘rise up and fight back.’

Unfortunately, with people in positions of displaced leadership, those that follow them are seeking to fit in and be a part of change, a revolution; they miss the fact that they are pawns in a game used to advance their “leader’s” personal agenda.

Fueling the passion of ill-informed followers, these pathetic leaders become dangerous when they incite people into committing violent action and criminal behavior in response to their words. Everyone is entitled to their own personal view and free speech; but Khogali with her vitriolic wrath, needs a personal reformation. And until she does, we have to keep paying attention to her – because she is an incendiary device who is looking to spark millions of short fuses.

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