Arrogant Aussie Coming to a City Near You to Promote Gun Control

It often becomes very difficult for me not to resort to profanity when foreigners criticize our country and the Second Amendment. It becomes orders of magnitude more difficult when the foreigner in question comes from a country whose subjects long ago ceded their freedom to protect themselves.

So, you can imagine my ire when I came across the story of Peter Drew, an Australian street artist who is bringing his anti-freedom message to the streets of New York.

Acclaimed Australian street artist Peter Drew is about to tackle the hottest issue in the US in his own unique way — by plastering 500 posters with the words “Australia” and “it works” on walls around New York City, San Franciso and Los Angeles.

You will recall, in 1996 Australians blamed inanimate objects for a shooting and allowed their fundamental rights to be curtailed. The results, well, there’s a great deal of debate about how effective the ban actually has been, or whether it would even work in the U.S. — not that it stops the usual suspects from screeching for it.

Mr. Drew, of course, thinks he’s being brave.

The South Australian-based artist behind the Real Australians Say Welcome campaign knows that by doing so he’ll make a lot of people unhappy. And that’s part of the job.

“To be honest, there’s a certain amount of fear and anxiety,” Mr. Drew told

“You don’t know what the response is going to be like. Online it’s safe to be provocative but when you’re sticking stuff up on the street you’re exposed. I worry about that but that’s what’s special about the street.”

Really? You’re putting up your posters in three of the most liberal, elitist, “progressive” cities in the country and you’re worried about your safety? Somehow I doubt that, particularly since I sincerely doubt Mr. Drew plans on venturing out of the extremely safe, whitebread enclaves in those cities, into the sorts of areas where cops patrol in teams and residents have bars on their windows.

Mr. Drew has never done anything on this scale before. He’ll head off in August and take to the street in major cities early in the morning — as early as 4 a.m. — when foot traffic is at a minimum.

It will be first of two trips to explain to Americans that their attachment to guns can be broken. He says there’s never been a better time than right now and there’s no example better than Australia’s.

Oh please, Petey, please come explain to us poor, ignorant savages in America how we should give up our fundamental right to protect our families and our freedom the way your people did.

“The aim isn’t to tell people what’s right and wrong, it’s to satisfy both sides and try to find some middle ground. I try to lampoon the outrage industry which is particularly strong in the US and we can see that culture bleeding right now … I feel like the conservative resolve is eroding.

You don’t want to tell us what’s right and wrong, but conservatives are wrong, got it.

The laws are viewed around the world as an example of what works, but large sections of America reject the notion of gun control, pointing to their right to bear arms within the US Constitution.

See, these folks never will get it. We don’t live in the rest of the world. We live in America. And, I, and most Americans, don’t actually give a flying fig what the rest of the world thinks. We spent blood and treasure in two world wars saving Europe and the rest of the world from the consequences of their own stupidity. Then we spent 40 years facing down a Soviet Empire whose explicit object was world conquest, while Europe wagged their fingers at us and told us how much better than us they are.

We’re Americans, we don’t care to live on our knees beholden to the government for our very lives. We’ll stand on our feet, defend ourselves and our families and — aye — our freedom as well. And we don’t need arrogant anti-gunners like Peter Drew to come here from a county we rescued in WWII to tell us how to live.