Sleeping With the Dog


Steve Wynn

This week both Steve Wynn and Warren Buffet complained about Obama policies.

If only we could have had Bill Gates in the fray we would have made the hat trick.


What part of:

“I will make energy prices sky-rocket!”

“They can build coal fired plants, but we will bankrupt them!”
“We need to spread the wealth around!”

“Someone (white person) is going to have to give up power so someone else (black person) can have it.”

“Good healthcare by very definition, must be redistributive.”

“Give them the Wealth!  Give them the Wealth!”

“We should consider sterilization by introducing chemicals into the water supply.”

Is it that these billionaires don’t understand.

Barack Obama and his minions have been making proclamations right from Mao Tse-Tung, and now three years in Steve Wynn and Warren Buffet are just starting to get it?

While the average upper middle class wage earner pays 25 to 30 percent Federal income tax, Warren Buffet paid in the high teens on 50 million dollars in income.

Politics for these guys isn’t about some admirable ideology or a stronger America, it’s just another business decision made to increase their holdings and maintain their preferred status among the powerful in politics.

Steve Wynn has been an ardent supporter of Harry Reid for decades, and why is that?  Is it because Harry Reid has been so dedicated to American principles, or because Harry Reid is the most well connected politician in Nevada and he helps Mr. Wynn get deals done?


Is Warren Buffet aggravated about taxation on jet planes because he’s worried about all the little people who build them and maintain them, who are going to get screwed when Obama makes sure nobody buys one because they can’t afford to without the tax deductions, or is it because Warren Buffet owns the NetJets corporation?

There is nothing that the President of the United States is doing or saying today that is inconsistent with the things he did or said while campaigning for the job.  So why are some of the wealthiest most well connected men in the nation complaining now?

They were counting on business as usual where the candidate would say or do whatever it took to get elected and then apply that rhetoric only to the working stiffs who didn’t have the power to fight back.

Buffet and Wynn didn’t believe candidate Obama who promised to “fundamentally change America” because they simply aren’t that badly affected when he does.

Steve Wynn isn’t ever going to go worry about losing his house because he can’t pay his mortgage, and Warren Buffet is never going to have to worry about being molested by TSA while he flies around on his private Jet.  For them politics isn’t about freedom or liberty, it’s only about how big they can make that number on their bottom line.


While they figure out how to shelter their billions and whine about the Marxist policies they are responsible for by getting Obama elected, struggling Americans are the ones getting creamed losing their jobs and losing their houses.

Steve Wynn and Warren Buffet ought to shut up and get themselves a flea collar.

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