The Webley & Scott Mk IVI like the .45 Cal round so this is a story more about that, and a very old Webley & Scott Mk IV revolver that came into my possession many long years ago. Now I am about as “long in the tooth” as it is, but for any who had the pleasure of seeing the long running Sherlock Holmes series on PBS they might have recognized Dr. Watson’s trusty revolver was a Webley. Of course all the Indiana Jones movies featured one or another of the Webley Mk series as Indy’s sidearm.
The Webley & Scott Mk IV that I own was originally the .455 Cal model, but before it came into my hands it had been professionally altered to accept the .45 Cal ACP used in the 1911 automatics, by using the famous “half moon” or “full moon” clips. This is a well made, and sturdy beyond description side arm, but far too big and heavy & bulky for concealed carry use, but it does have the advantage that should one run out of ammo it would be possible to beat an attacker to death with the butt of such a heavy weapon. It would also be handy for nailing posted signs to fence or tree, but you would need to remove the Lanyard Ring from the butt first. Don’t see Lanyard Rings these days, but it sure helped if a fellow fell off his horse or tripped and fell in battle as his weapon remained in arms reach should he drop it.

Using military “ball” ammo I have found this old but solid revolver is “spot on” for accuracy, and due to its weight the recoil is acceptable.

It is a fine friend for home defense, being as I said a bit too heavy and bulky for concealed carry.

The rear sight is a sharply notched V, and as one can see the front sight is heavy and prominent, making sighting quick and easy.

Webley & Scott did themselves proud with this piece, and anyone   who has an opportunity to own one that has been converted to the .45 Cal ACP round would have an excellent home defense weapon.

Mine, along with my well worn Bible both share my bed, with my Mk IV comfortably kept in its silicon cover, under the pillow where it is easily accessible if needed in the night. Most of my shooting was done with the .45 Cal Ball ammo, which was a supply of reloaded brass. Today I have switched to Speer Gold Dot .45 Cal ACP JHP as being the better defense load. Whether shooting in self defense or using this old timer as a “Billy club” as a last resort one cannot go wrong with a Webley & Scott Mk IV, V or VI in their hand.

Finally, I have no idea what the history of this particular weapon might be, but I am fortunate to have one that has little to no wear, and with a barrel that shows no wear at all in the rifling. The cylinder locks in perfect alignment when hammer is cocked, and since it was converted to handle ACP ammo using clips the reload time is as fast as using a “reloader” with other revolvers.
A “long in the tooth” revolver to be sure, but its “tooth” is sharp and ready to bite any threat, be it snake or man.

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