South Carolina's Gunfight Takes Aim in the Legislature

Well, there is something to say about the South Carolina legislature and its ability to keep us guessing on where they’ll go next with their gun legislation.

South Carolinians are one step closer to constitutional carry after Bill S0449 was passed with a 3-1 margin by a Senate panel this past Tuesday.

The Senate bill allows those who are legally permitted to own, carry or purchase a firearm to do so without having to obtain a permit. “Open carry,” which allows for a person to carry a firearm exposed on their person, also would be permitted.

The proposal also would prohibit drinking or committing a crime while carrying a firearm. And it bars the carrying of firearms into already prohibited locations, such as schools and courthouses. [It] will also keep the concealed weapons permitting process in place for those who would still like to have a permit.

This is a great move for supporters of constitutional carry.

Since South Carolina allows carryover legislation from odd to even years, this bill likely will not see any further movement until the 2-year session reconvenes next January.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, two bills intended to close what’s become known as the “Charleston Loophole” stalled in committee.  Both bills were written to create longer waiting periods for background checks on those planning to purchase a gun. South Carolina currently has a three-day waiting period. Of these two bills, one required a 5 day waiting period; the other… a long 28 days. Regarding these bills, John Lane with SC Carry stated,

“…Go from a three day to a five day to a 28-day wait…somebody may be in jeopardy and don’t [sic] have 28 days to wait to be able to purchase a weapon.
Somebody may be in need to carry their weapon, and right now the only way to do that in South Carolina is concealed and with a concealed weapons permit.”

For those law-abiding citizens purchasing and carrying guns in South Carolina, the outcome seems fairly positive.

If you want to ensure that the bill allowing constitutional carry passes in South Carolina, please find and contact your state legislator here to voice your support!

Make us proud, South Carolina!