NYPD Cop With “Proper Cause” & “Training” Accused Of Love Triangle Murder

NYPD Cop With “Proper Cause” & “Training” Accused Of Love Triangle Murder
(AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)

The New York Post, New York Times, and some other outlets are reporting that a New York City Police Officer shot two women in what appears to be a love triangle case.


Per the New York Times:

A New York City police officer was in custody late Wednesday after admitting to fatally shooting a woman whom she encountered in her girlfriend’s Brooklyn apartment and shooting the girlfriend as well, officials said.

The officer was described by police officials at a news conference as a 31-year-old who has been with the Police Department for five and a half years and was most recently assigned to a Brooklyn precinct.

The officer apparently calmly confessed to the shooting when first responders arrived:

She was off duty when the shooting occurred, officials said.

Assistant Chief Michael Kemper, speaking at the news conference, said that the shooting was being treated as a homicide and that the officer being held had been “calm and collected and very forthcoming” in telling colleagues who responded to the scene what had happened.

“Simply put, she confessed,” said Chief Kemper, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

It also appears that the police officer likely used her NYPD-issued service weapon in the killing:

Asked whether the officer had used her service weapon in the shooting, he said that there was a “very good chance” that was the case and that investigators had taken ballistic evidence and a gun from the apartment.

From the NY Post’s reporting, we can infer that there may have been some level of premeditation involved.

Wu, a five-year NYPD veteran, was likely waiting inside the home before the two victims arrived but it wasn’t immediately clear how she entered, according to police.


According to the ABC7 NY, NBC New York, and the Daily Mail, Wu had a good track record as a police officer:

Wu worked the midnight tour with a clean record and no obvious disciplinary issues in her past.

The off-duty NYPD officer who allegedly shot her ex-girlfriend and killed the ex-‘s new lover when she found them together is a patrol cop who worked midnights and whose annual evaluations exceeded expectations, a senior department official said.

NYPD sources tell DailyMail.com that Wu was a high performer, was rated as ‘exceeding expectations’ in her recent evaluations. She has made about 60 arrests throughout her five-year career. 

CBS Local quotes a woman saying the following:

“I saw them all the time together,” said Jeanette Vargas, a neighbor. “Just like anyone else, you can come home and find your lover or someone with someone else and you snap. So I don’t think it had nothing to do that she was a police officer.”

The woman who spoke with CBS Local provides insight into the futility of New York City’s insane gun laws. Here’s a police officer, ostensibly trained and vetted by the City before being sent to patrol its streets, and who had the sort of “proper cause” that NYC requires before it will allow anyone to carry a gun; and yet, in the end, she proved that she’s human like everyone else.

The whole idea behind the Second Amendment was to treat everyone equally and avoiding a quasi-caste system when it comes to gun ownership, and New York City has been shamelessly and recklessly violating the spirit and the letter of the Second Amendment for far too long.


New York City treats its citizens as subjects, requiring them to run a gauntlet to simply own a gun, a process that includes four personal references, registration and fingerprinting. Getting a concealed carry permit is next to impossible, unless your name is as famous as that of former NYC resident Donald J. Trump, or if you don’t have any moral qualms indulging in the sort of third-world bribery that most Indian immigrants like myself grew up with.

If there’s any lesson that one can hope New York legislators will learn from this, it is that their demands of “proper cause,” “training,” and “vetting” can all come to naught because human nature stands in their way. What their efforts mostly end up doing is stripping the innocent of their natural human right of self-defense and creating criminals out of decent people by legislation.

In the meantime, let’s hope that the Supreme Court reins in the arbitrary and authoritarian impulses of New York legislators in the upcoming NYSRPA v. Bruen case.

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