Not in a shop, not at a bus stop! New York to go Dr. Seuss in “extraordinary” legislative session

Not in a shop, not at a bus stop! New York to go Dr. Seuss in “extraordinary” legislative session
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It’s been less than a week since the momentous ruling in NYSRA v. Bruen, which overturned New York’s anti-Italian animus-driven Sullivan Law and shredded corruption-riddled “may-issue” discretionary permitting schemes from coast to coast. The anti-Rights crowd reacted hysterically to it as expected. However, the brain trust at the Gun Grab Lobby had been anticipating this for a long time, and has been hard at work in adapting to the ruling by finding other pretexts and artifices to limit the rights the people just won back.


As reported in Newsday (archived link): 

NY lawmakers nearing agreement to amend concealed-carry law

ALBANY — Gov. Kathy Hochul and legislative leaders were finalizing an agreement Monday to amend New York’s concealed-weapons permitting process — adding 15-20 hours of training, including live-fire practice, for example — when the State Legislature convenes Thursday.

Lawmakers are planning to return to the State Capitol for an “extraordinary session” to address a U.S. Supreme Court decision last week striking down the state’s century-old concealed-carry law. The court effectively said New York’s criteria for issuing permits was too subjective.


Some of the terms being discussed include “live-fire training,” which the state doesn’t mandate now for a concealed-weapon permit, a source said. Applicants also might be required to complete an in-person interview with a licensing agent.

New York, which until today, did not require privileged concealed carry permit holders (such as Donald Trump) to get 15-20 hours of training or live-fire practice, is now requiring those suddenly because the poors and the rubes and the blacks and the browns are about to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights. My state’s leaders are so alarmed by the prospect of equality and the loss of control over the people that they are convening an “extraordinary session” to ruminate and legislate new ways to infringe upon and prevent everyone from exercising their rights.


“Want a permit? Sure, meet in-person with a licensing agent. Sorry, our next available appointment is 8 months out and you will need to drive 120 miles to it.”

Everything they are going to do now is squarely aimed at raising the costs – both money and time – required to exercise our pre-existing rights that were selectively granted to the wealthy and well-connected.

In reaction, the governor and leaders of the Senate and Assembly were planning to change the law in two major ways: Adding some objective requirements, such as a minimum amount of training and a background check, and detailing a list of “sensitive areas,” such as public transit, where concealed weapons would be outlawed.


Sensitive areas might include transportation hubs, courts, schools, playgrounds, libraries, municipally owned stadiums and any place serving alcohol.


The governor indicated lawmakers want to give private businesses the authority to keep guns off their premises. Sources said businesses would have to affirmatively “opt in” to declare they are allowing guns. The default position would be for businesses to prohibit guns.

“We’re going to have sensitive places identified, where you cannot bring guns. It will not be on subways. It will not be on buses,” Hochul told reporters Monday. “We’re going to have a whole host of places restricted.”

There you have it. New York Democrats, licking their wounds, are going to create yet another patchwork of sensitive places to ensnare decent, harmless people in legal trouble. There have been a whole host of violent incidents to prove that gun-free zones, unless augmented with security screening, absolutely don’t work. And even when there’s security screening, there’s a solid chance that guns will make it through, as we have seen in repeated failed audits of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


The opt-in requirement for businesses is intended to force them to advertise themselves as Second Amendment-friendly businesses, thus inviting boycotts from the overabundant hoplophobes in this state.

Even though NYSRPA v. Bruen ruling sets a new judicial standard in evaluating legislative and executive infringements, we cannot underestimate the Dr. Seuss-like creativity of the anti-Rights crowd: 

Not in a shop, 

Not at a bus stop, 

Not in a bar, 

Not in your car…

Each of those infringements will entail continued battles.

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