Gun tubers need to post responses to Bloomberg's propaganda video

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Bloomberg’s deep pockets fund a lot of destructive work to unravel the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is the man who, as mayor of New York City, was open about gun control and enforcing it specifically against young minority males using the racist, unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policy. He has also been caught on video exhibiting basic ignorance on guns. Surrounded by arm security himself, he has no moral qualms spending millions of dollars bankrolling organizations to disarm the ordinary American.


Bloomberg’s signature control organization is Everytown. He funds the gun control propaganda outlet, The Trace. He also owns his namesake mainstream Bloomberg News, which usually stays out of overt gun control propaganda. But outdoing The Trace, Bloomberg News recently came out with an 11-minute propaganda video pitching gun control. This video uses doctors in clean white lab coats as the salespersons, including a doctor couple who were at Highland Park on the Fourth of July last year.

The video contains lots of dubious claims and lies, which is typical of what gun controllers do. It starts out with this lie:

“This is not meant to be sensational. There’s no need for us to sensationalize any data. But the truth of the matter is for the last two to three years now, guns have been the leading cause of death among kids.”

Absolute lie. Everytown has been spreading this for several years now. We’ve pointed it out here before, but we’ll summarize it again. The way gun controllers come to this conclusion is by including the deaths of 18- and 19-year-old adults as kids. They’re lumping in teenagers involved in gang violence with rare instances of young children gaining access to unsecured guns. This is an intentional deception. As Cam wrote last month, citing John R. Lott Jr.’s analysis,


The first question is: What is a child? For those under 18, vehicle deaths are consistently greater than those from firearms. Adding homicides, unintentional deaths, and suicides together shows 2,443 total deaths from vehicles and 2,218 from firearms. In 2021, there were again 2,668 vehicle and 2,519 firearm deaths. When we exclude justifiable homicides that are committed in self-defense, that number falls by several hundred.

So, even if we are counting 17-year-old gang members as “children,” the White House’s claim is incorrect. In 2019 and 2020, more minors died from suffocation.

[…] the claims by gun control advocates like Biden and Harris are only possible if they define everyone under 20 as children.

[..] The bottom line is that about a third of the firearm deaths for those under 20 involve homicide, where the victims are 18 and 19 years old. Approximately 20% involve homicides for 15, 16, and 17-year-olds. These deaths are largely gang-related, and even banning guns is unlikely to stop drug gangs from obtaining guns to protect their extremely valuable drugs.

[…] With the FBI data, firearm suicides make up about 40% of all firearm deaths. So, for example, in 2020, for those under 20, removing suicides would reduce the number of firearm deaths – using the numbers from the CDC – from 4,253 to 2,960, and – using the FBI murder rate data – from 3,405 to 2,112.


There are more lies and claims in that video:

  • Gun violence is a public health issue and a healthcare issue.
  • Motor vehicle accidents are no longer the number one cause of death of children
  • According to the Gun Violence Archive, it was one of 647 mass shootings that took place in 2022.
  • The rates of gun violence are only going up.
  • We do know that gun-safety policies, such as assault weapon bans, background checks, waiting periods, licensing requirements that most gun owners actually do support, will save lives.

Gun violence is not a public health issue; it’s something to be addressed by criminologists, sociologists, and lawyers. Motor vehicle accidents are still the number one cause of death in children if you use the traditional definition of children. The Gun Violence Archive is a propaganda tool; their definition of mass shooting is designed to inflate the numbers. The rates of gun violence went down after the pandemic spike.

As for the “gun safety” policies the doctors are selling, none of those have strong evidence of a salutary effect. Even the formerly nonpartisan (but now with openly partisan left-wing analysts) RAND Corporation says so.

So, what’s the doctors’ end game here?

AAP guidelines suggest that the best advice is to not have a gun in the home.

They want disarmament. They want no one to own guns, not just at home. They are hiding their agenda behind lab coats and stethoscopes, calling themselves “treaters of the sick and preservers of the healthy” to strip us of our rights because of the misdeeds of a few. Even in their profession, there are a few who commit various misdeeds with abuse, torture, and even murder. But we treat doctors with respect, not contempt. Gun owners can’t get the same reciprocal respect and must have our rights curtailed because of a miniscule number of wrongdoers.


This is where Gun Tubers with their massive audiences need to step in and correct the record. Videos are a great way of communication. I hope they produce good, truthful content to counter the lies.

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