Fast and Furious


Members of Zetas, a Mexican crime organization with seized weapons

Operation Fast and Furious was a program initiated by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives between 2009 and 2010. 


Its intent was to willingly sell weaponry to Mexican drug cartels and other criminal groups, so that at a later date, the weaponry could be used as evidence via eTrace, ATF’s electronic tracing program, to convict the same offenders for using “illegal” guns. 

Since ATF agents were instructed to ignore those same individuals they sold guns to while they attempted to cross into America illegally, our own government created a situation that permitted dangerous criminals to enter the USA from Mexico.  This horrible idea came to a screeching halt when Brian A. Terry, a US Border Patrol Agent was killed by one of our own guns. 

Now, the program is being investigated jointly by the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) says testimony reveals the following:

• ATF knowingly allowed as many as 2,500 firearms to be sold illegally to known or suspected straw purchasers. One of those purchasers accounted for over 700 illegal guns;

• ATF ordered its agents working the program not to arrest illegal gun buyers or to interdict thousands of guns that were allowed to “walk” into criminal hands;

• Senior ATF officials in Washington were regularly briefed on the operation and approved of the tactics employed;  and


• ATF agents who opposed the operation and who raised objections were told to “get with the program” and threatened with job retaliation if they continued their opposition.

President Obama’s favorable ratings have dropped dramatically, so the media is in over-protection-drive.  Unfortunately, much of them are protecting the Democrat Obama administration from scrutiny, probably for fear he will not win a second term, and also because they have a certain prejudice against Republicans. 

Just imagine for a moment, if the Bush administration was involved in a scandal of this proportion, it would be front cover news, on every television network, and the pundits would be screaming from their rooftops “It’s Bush’s fault!”  Bush would have been crucified just for the scandal itself, never mind the scrutiny. 

Typical how liberal Democrats react when they hear the phrase “Fast and Furious” they pretend or do not know it exits unless the main stream media tells them so.  And the main stream media are running from this topic as if it is the bubonic plague. In fact, if one Google’s the term, we are directed to the popular 2001 movie with the same name, Fast and Furious. That was ten years ago, yet barely a mention of the scandal that is occurring right now. 

When a venue for information geared towards the general public is working hand in hand with the Federal government that is tyranny because news is not about the truth anymore, it is about protecting an executive office that is manipulating power in order to pursue an agenda that says to hell with the Republic of the United States of America, socialism will work, we say so!


So here is the problem with socialism; it is antithetical to our Republic. Our economics depends on a demand – supply ratio that permits the individual to operate in a free market society. The consumer in this instance makes the determination what to purchase, no one else.  Socialism is a structure that collects money from the tax payers, then redistributes it as they see fit, to everyone else. There is no free market; instead a centralized government makes the decisions for us.

We ought to do what we want with our own earned money. That makes sense. That is America.
We ought not to be selling weaponry so as to catch a criminal before the crime. Fast and Furious has actually put us in danger. 

Where are you New York Times?

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