Obama, Holder work to undermine the Second Amendment


Reporting here a few weeks ago, I indicated that President Barack Obama pretends to support the Second Amendment, but really is working behind the scenes with Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder’s Justice Department to introduce oppressive gun regulations, with or without Congress, and despite Constitutional restraints. 


Well, you know what?

I was right on target.

This all began with “Project Gunrunner” a law enforcement strategy designed in 2006 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosives to indentify, disrupt, and dismantle firearms and explosives-related violent crime associated with Mexican criminal organizations operating along the U.S. border and Mexico. 

Still in operation today, with close to 4,500 ongoing investigations; referral of over 1,100 criminal cases for prosecution through 2010; the seizure of over 10,000 firearms, and nearly one million rounds of ammunition destined for Mexican criminal enterprises, indeed, the results have been successful, as long as the means and objectives stay on point – the reduction of violent crime associated with criminal groups along the U.S. border and Mexico.

Here’s where everything goes wrong. Enter Eric Holder in January 2009. Relying on the concept of Project Gunrunner, “Fast and Furious” was developed to broaden the scope of the project. Except the new design has a completely new objective: Enlist U.S. gun shop owners to illegally sell guns to known criminal traffickers directly, this way more guns could be tracked, and more criminals captured, so that the Justice Department could avail its anticipated success as a means to promote strict gun control laws, nationwide.


The scheme came to a screeching halt when Brian Terry, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent was killed in December 2010 by a known gun trafficker who – fell into Holder’s trap – and purchased the gun from a U.S. gun seller at the direction and approval of the Justice Department.

Now, under joint congressional investigations for developing a program designed to act in an illegal and unconstitutional manner, with a different and hidden agenda, Holder is refusing to produce relevant documents under oath, and has denied even knowing about the Fast and Furious project, prior to its downfall in late 2010.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration and Holder’s Justice Department devised a gun control policy that harasses federally licensed and innocent gun retailers across the Southern Border, to include California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas; by demanding that multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles be reported to the Federal government which is in violation of the Second Amendment.

Firearm retailers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation sued the federal government only to be rejected by a district court in Washington, who recently issued a ruling upholding the Obama administration policy. 

The case is now being appealed and the National Rifle Association is calling on us to support a bill introduced in March by senator Jon Tester (D.-Mont.) and Richard Burr (R-N.C.) S. 570 — “a bill to prohibit the Department of Justice from tracking and cataloguing the purchases of multiple rifles and shotguns.”


The connection here is clear as the sky is blue: Under the guise of successfully prosecuting Mexican criminals, the Obama administration working with the Justice Department is seeking to enforce aggressive federal gun control policies and produce a negative public-reaction to firearms, all based on a disingenuous template.

Sadly, this is the story of a very corrupt administration hell bent on “transforming America” from a Constitutional Republic to one in which big government dictates our lives; from which healthcare package we choose to purchase; to what kind of car we drive; *to how many firearms we can sell; *Obama’s White house is jam packed with control freaks unable to comprehend that when the Constitution says no, it means We the People say no too!

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