Okyay: Nojay for New York State Assembly

FDI president Kenneth R. Timmerman, BN, Rep. Bachmann, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey; Washington, 2011

Twenty-Ten will be remembered in history as the Tea Party election year.  It marked the year that Tea Party backed Republicans flipped 70% of Congress from Democrat to Republican, with 10% of that 70% in New York State.


Twenty-Twelve with be remembered in history as the Business Solutions election year.  In a period with record high debt, dismal unemployment rates, and a White House consumed with tax and spend policies; the People are screaming “TEA!!” an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already”.

This year candidates with hands on business experience who are not career politicians seem to be the norm.  Republican candidate for President, one-term governor of Massachusetts W. Mitt Romney is just one example.  His business background and know-how of the economy lands him in a position to be the next President of the United States, God-willing.

Even in liberal leaning states such as New York, Democrats and Independents are moving toward some sort of fiscal sanity, clearly seeing that tax and spend policies of the past are driving people out of New York State in droves.

Running for New York State Assembly on both the Republican and Independence lines, Bill Nojay, if elected, has promised to effect positive economic changes in New York State.  Nojay is a 55 year old Columbia Law and Business School graduate who understands New York City’s political culture.  He also understands what that culture is doing to Upstate New York’s economy.

Nojay grew up in rural Rochester County, a five-hour drive from Manhattan, and returned there when he got married and started to raise a family.  He is now a small business owner and radio talk show host on nine stations in Central New York.


Nojay’s father worked at Kodak, and almost everyone Bill knew growing up worked in a company that made things — Xerox, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, and other companies reflecting America’s industrial past.  But like many places in America, Upstate New York is now struggling to compete with other states and countries where the costs of production are lower than in high-tax, high-regulation New York.

Nojay has made Upstate New York’s economy and what to do about it the backbone of his campaign.  Unlike many politicians who promise government programs to spur economic development, Nojay says we need to drastically reduce government spending.

“We simply cannot afford a State government that spends $135 billion on entitlement programs and Medicaid benefits that are the richest in the nation,” Nojay said.

“We can bring back manufacturing, but first we’ve got to get the wet blanket of state government off the backs of businesses — the environmentalists, pro-union labor bureaucrats, and endless barrage of taxes that greet us in New York are killing our jobs and pushing our businesses out of the state,” he said.

Nojay openly rebels against the “New York City political culture” that he said is destroying Upstate’s 200-year traditions, including hunting, fishing and shooting.  This culture is also preventing volunteerism in civic organizations such as volunteer ambulance and fire services.


“There’s no question the State is pushing volunteers out in order to make it necessary to bring on more paid crews who of course pay union dues, which are recycled into liberal Democrat campaigns,” Nojay said.

Nojay is A+ rated by the New York affiliate of the NRA, the New York Rifle & Pistol Association.

“NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg really doesn’t understand the Second Amendment, which we refuse to give up just because liberal politicians and judges in New York City can’t control their violent crime wave and drug gangs,”he said.

Twenty-twelve will be remembered as the election year that says liberal tax and spend policies are out, and smart, effective business solutions are in.  That’s the American way.  See you at the election booth on Tuesday, Nov. 6.




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