Meet Armed American Radio host Mark Walters

Leading gun rights radio-host told Guns & Patriots media propaganda machines that operate as arms of political parties are the greatest threat to gun rights in America.


“The debate over the Second Amendment ended 222 years ago on Dec. 15, 1791,” said Mark Walters, host of nationally syndicated Armed American Radio. AAR is the official radio program of the United States Concealed Carry Association. USCC provides resources for those willing to carry a concealed weapon to protect their loved ones. Members believe that self-defense is a natural-born right.

Those of us in the gun rights’ community do not have an issue with the Second Amendment, he said. “It is the anti-gunners who have to figure out and understand the Second Amendment exists.”

On AAR the Second Amendment is not open to debate, he said. “I think those of us in the pro-gun community should stop giving the anti-gunners the benefit of the doubt in continuing the debate.”

We would do the Second Amendment and our cause a good service if we discontinue entertaining them, he said. “We are giving them a level of credibility to an argument that has not been earned; is based on a lie; and is not worth our time.”

As an example, Walters said we do not have to look further than two major cities in America to understand that gun control is itself a lie.

“Chicago is the model city,” he said. “Chicago, where handguns are banned, has one of the highest murder rates in the United States, and in Washington D.C. where handguns were banned for 32 years prior to the 2008 Heller decision, D.C. ranked as the nation’s murder capital for years.”

The anti-gunners arguments are incorrectly based on the premise that bad guys are going to follow the rules, he said. “Bad guys do not follow the rules; criminals do not follow the rules; criminals are criminals by definition they break the law.”


Criminals do not pay attention to the ‘No Guns Allowed’ sign in Washington D.C. and gang members in Chicago are not paying attention to the ‘No Guns Allowed’ sign either, he said.

The entire argument for the anti-gun side is based on the lie that gun control prevents violent crime, said Walters who is co-author of “Lessons from Unarmed America.”

Gun control is a failed policy everywhere it has been tried, he said. “If we look at every dictator in world history, they have taken away guns to own the people.”

The anti-gunners would like to go back and redefine the Second Amendment; the gun rights community already knows what it means, he said. “The Second Amendment is real – they have to deal with it.”

The beauty of the Constitution is that the founding fathers put in place a system to amend it if we choose to, said Walters. “If the anti-gunners do not like the Second Amendment, they can amend it – good luck– it will never happen in America.”

“We are a nation founded on the gun; built on the gun; and a nation of hundreds of millions of firearms in the hands of over 100-plus million gun owners who hurt no one today, instead saved more lives with a lawfully carried firearm in one day than criminals misuse firearms every day,” he said.

With just under 200 radio stations across the country, some of those cable-digital, and over 100,000 down-loads each week, AAR which Walters built from scratch is reaching somewhere between 2 to 3 million listeners. USCCA has 1.2 million fans with over 100,000 subscribers. Those numbers are growing, said Walters.


Gun rights resonates with the American people, said the columnist for Concealed Carry Magazine. “We never run-out of topics to talk about.”

“I do not talk to the other side on AAR,” he said. “I talk about the other side.”

The anti-gunners get enough air-play, he said. “We can hear their anti-gun drivel in every news show, any network, anywhere throughout main stream media, there is plenty of anti-gun bias and an anti-gun political agenda pushed down our throats.”

Walters, who is a National Rifle Association certified instructor, said the way the media demonizes the NRA, America’s oldest and largest gun rights advocacy group, is an example of subjective reporting.

NRA members are despised because the group gets in the media’s way, he said. “The only thing that the media can do to the NRA when they cannot argue facts is demonize them.”

“The NRA represents 5-plus million people strong,” he said. “That’s us.”

What the media fails to realize, is that when they demonize the NRA, they are demonizing hundreds of thousands of active and retired law enforcement; hundreds of thousands of active and retired military; and they are demonizing their own neighbors and friends, he said. “Gun owners are teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, dentists, and sales’ people; they are mechanics, pharmacists and baggers at the grocery store.”

The NRA is made-up of every walk of life, said Walters. “It really speaks volumes of what the media thinks about Americans when they demonize the NRA; it wreaks hypocrisy and elitism.”

“I believe the main stream media is the single most dangerous entity that America’s freedom and liberty faces right now,” he said. “They clearly hate America and hate what America stands for – liberty and freedom.”


The type of attack-mode being displayed is disheartening, he said. “I believe that the subjective reporting by the main stream media today is a direct result of being an arm of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party who is pushing their propaganda to intentionally divide this nation.”

“The Obama administration gets-it,” he said. “They get to control the media; controlling the message; controlling the message controls the masses.”

It is astonishing to see, said Walters who is an on-air contributor to American Trigger Sports network television. “Much of the media are literally in lock- step protecting Obama.”

It does not matter whether the media is actively pushing a left or right position, either way it is propaganda and will lead to tyranny, he said. “When we have a main stream media that has lost all semblance of objectivity and is now pushing a political agenda, the media and journalism as we know it ceases to exist and it becomes nothing but propaganda.”

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