Wyllie: Two other candidates for Florida governor weak on gun rights

Third party candidate for Florida governor said his Republican opponent is not the gun-supporting politician he portrays himself to be.

“Rick Scott is a closet gun grabber,” said Adrian Wyllie, the 2014 gubernatorial candidate from the Libertarian Party, the third largest political party in the state. Wyllie is in a 3-way race against Republican Gov. Richard L. “Rick” Scott and Democrat Charles J. “Charlie” Crist Jr. in the November election. He said the governor’s own missteps show his disdain for gun owners.


Scott was extreme when he had a Florida sheriff arrested, placed in his own jail, andremoved from office for defending the Second Amendment, he said. “I would commend and support sheriffs who uphold the Constitution – not jail them.”

Sheriff Nick Finch of Liberty County was removed for official misconduct after releasing a man who was arrested on a gun charge, he said. “Fortunately, a jury later acquitted Finch, and Scott had no choice but to reinstate him as Sheriff.”

After the decision, Wyllie, who is a syndicated radio talk-show host, said they went to Tallahassee to talk to the governor, but were turned-away. “We were told by Scott’s staff that he had left the country, even though official state records show that he was in his office signing legislation all day.” He said about 75 supporters of Sheriff Finch, who were rallying outside the Capitol building, were likewise rejected by the governor.

Last year Scott signed several laws that inhibit law-abiding, peaceful citizens from purchasing or owning firearms, said Wyllie. “Perhaps the most egregious was House Bill 1355.”  He said the law, which is meant to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, is being used to disarm innocent citizens, including returning veterans and active duty military personnel.


Based on the advice of a single physician, he said anyone is vulnerable for removal of their gun rights, even though the state lacks authority .“The state lacks any authority whatsoever to restrict the right of Floridians to own or possess firearms without due process.” Not on my watch, he said.

For close to three decades open carry has been illegal in the Sunshine State, said Wyllie. “I fully support a return to open carry in Florida, which would eliminate prosecution for incidental exposure of a concealed firearm.” Scott continues to do nothing to stop the prosecution of Floridians for exercising their Second Amendment rights, he said.

“Until the laws are changed, I will grant a pardon to any non-violent Floridian who has been prosecuted for incidental exposure,” said the former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida. LPF supports a responsible, well-armed and trained citizenry. “As governor, I will fight for your inalienable right to possess the tools to defend your life, liberty and property,” he said.

Gun-banners in Congress must be held accountable as well, said Wyillie. “The goal of Congress is an outright ban of all semiautomatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns.”The individual states have power to nullify these unconstitutional acts and decrees, yet Scott and the Florida Legislature do nothing, he said. “They have failed to carry out their sworn duty to defend our rights.”


It smacks of tyranny when thhe governor fails to protect our constitutional rights, said Wyllie. “As governor, I promise to do everything in my power to challenge, reverse, and nullify any unconstitutional usurpation by the federal government.”


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