Sooner or later criminals are going to learn that crime in a nation where lawful gun ownership is on the rise is a very bad idea.

First, deputies say came the sound of rocks on the window of a home in the Humble/Atascocita area.

Next came the 911 call from a frantic homeowner saying someone was trying to break into his home just after noon. A couple of minutes later came the call that the would-be burglars were in his home, and that he had a shotgun.

The next sound neighbors heard was two blasts from the shotgun.

Deputies found two suspects — both shot in the torso. One was still in the house, the other ran into the street and collapsed. Both are young women.

The fact that they retained a pulse long enough to receive treatment is somewhat shocking, if the media account that the homeowner used buckshot is correct. One suspect was taken by ground ambulance to the hospital, while the other received transport from a Life flight helicopter.

Both home invaders are expected to survive, but will suffer permanent injuries. The older home invader received a spinal injury and may be paralyzed. The younger home invader may lose an arm.

Crime does not pay, folks.