Streamlight TLR-1 HP & TLR-1s HP weapon lights

Streamlight introduced a pair of high-powered, rail mounted lights called the TLR-1 HP and the TLR-1s HP.  The lights are identical except the 1s version has a strobe mode the other does not.  I had the opportunity to evaluate the 1s version during the past few months and I can tell you it is an amazing light.

The TLR-1s HP mounts easily to nearly any rail system, and once locked into place it does not move.  In about one minute, I mounted the light to the 9 o’clock rail on my Rock River AR-15.  Once in place, it might as well have been a machined part of the upper it was so solidly mounted.

Mounting is very easy with a spring-loaded screw on the side to hold the unit in place.  A shooter pivots the light into place and then finger tightens the screw down.  Using a coin, you turn the screw about a half-turn and it is locked down solid.

The TLR-1s HP is a very powerful weapon light.  It is rated at 200 lumens and 46,000 candela.  I observed it to be extremely bright with a tight center beam and a nice periphery cone of less intense light.


The center beam is excellent for lighting up targets at extended ranges, and Streamlight rates the beam as useable beyond 400 meters.  For lighting up a prowler on the back 40, this light will do the trick.

Conducting informal building clearing training proved to me that the TLR-1s HP was easy to operate under stress.  Additionally, it was more than bright enough for long hallways and large rooms.  I doubt you would find many buildings that the light wouldn’t be powerful enough to clearly light your targets.

Tapping the momentary switch rapidly twice activates the strobe mode, which is quite blinding.  This allows the shooter to easily transition between strobe and steady modes with little practice.  Having used the strobe mode on other Streamlight flashlights when apprehending violent suspects, I have seen first-hand that the strobe mode is very disorienting for those on the receiving end.

The switch is easy to access in nearly every mounting position on the gun.  Additionally, an optional remote switch is available if you want to move the switch to a different location on the gun.

The large parabolic reflector prevents this light from being used on a holstered handgun.  However, the light will mount to handgun rails, and on my pistols, the reflector does not occlude the muzzle at all.  So, it is conceivable for someone to use this light on a dedicated home defense pistol.

Streamlight conducted extensive live-fire practice to ensure the durability of the TLR-1s HP.  Never one to miss a chance to go to the range, however, I took the light to the range for my own evaluation.

After putting several hundred rounds of .223 downrange, the TLR-1s HP continued to function as well as it did when I took it out of the box.  Additionally, the light never loosened from the rail and was just as solid as it had been before shooting.

Unlike many lights, the TLR-1s HP is waterproof, not merely water resistant.  Streamlight states the weapon light is IPX7 rated waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.  This light would be a good choice for anyone who wanted a light on a gun that might be exposed to the elements.

Run time is 1.75 hours using two CR123A batteries.  Streamlight includes the batteries with the weapon light, which is a nice bonus.  CR123A batteries are not as expensive as they once were, and they offer the ability to be stored for long periods of time without losing a charge.

MSRP on the TLR-1 HP and TLR-1s HP range from $199 – $289 depending on model and configuration.  The standard TLR-1 HP will work for you if you do not need or want the strobe.  Both lights are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.