Total recalls: Guns not movies

The big news this past week was Caracal recalled all of the model C pistols and stated there is no fix available for them.  While this individual story deserves some attention, there is a larger issue to consider.  Are any of your guns or you ammunition subject to a recall right now?

It is not terribly unusual for companies to voluntarily recall new guns due to unforeseen problems early in the product life cycle.  You should occasionally check to see if your newer guns, especially any in a new product line, are subject to a recall.

Here are a few current recalls.  This list does not cover every recall, and you should check the manufacturers’ websites for up to date information.

Caracal Model C

Caracal announced a recall of every single model C pistols citing unspecified safety concerns.  According to the recall announcement, the guns cannot be repaired.  The company is offering a refund of the original purchase price or a credit toward the purchase of a new Caracal firearm.

There is some speculation that the model C pistols suffered from problems with the slides.  This February post on showed a model C that supposedly came apart during firing.

The full recall announcement can be found here.

Springfield XD-S

Springfield Armory is recalling certain serial number runs of both the 9mm and .45 ACP versions of the XD-S pistol.  These pistols have the potential to unintentionally discharge or to fire more than one cartridge with a single trigger pull.

Springfield Armory set up a site to assist owners with returning pistols for the upgrades here.

Smith & Wesson Shield

Smith & Wesson released a safety alert for owners of the Shield pistols.  The company believes a small number of pistols may have a problem that would prevent the drop safety from working properly.

Due to the limited number of affected pistols, Smith & Wesson is not issuing a general recall, but requesting owners check their gun and return it for a free repair if the condition exists.  The problem and additional details are here.

Glock Gen 4

Perfection may be the tag line, but Glock is not immune from problems cropping up in new product lines.

The Gen 4 pistols introduced a number of new features, including a new captive recoil spring assembly.  However, some of the early spring assemblies are now subject to a voluntary exchange.

Unlike a recall that would require shipping the gun back to the manufacturer, Glock will send you the spring assembly with a pre-addressed envelope.  Once that arrives, you swap out the sping and mail the old one back.  As far as problems go, this one probably has the easiest fix.

Click here for the details at the Glock site.

Thompson/Center Rifle Recall

There are quite a few T/C rifles that are subject to a recall, so if you own one, take a close look at this list.  If you have any of the following guns that were made before June 13, 2013 there may be problems with the safety:

  • Icon
  • Icon Classic
  • Icon Weather Shield
  • Icon Precision Hunter
  • Icon Warlord
  • Icon Field
  • Venture
  • Venture Predator
  • Venture Infinity
  • Venture Dream Season
  • Venture Weather Shield
  • Venture Compact
  • Dimension

All of the details on this recall can be found here.

Additional Recalls

Don’t think that you are in the clear because your gun isn’t listed above.  SIG Sauer, Ruger and others have all issued recalls in recent years.

Ammunition can be improperly loaded and will be the subject of recalls. Winchester, Remington, Hornady and other ammo companies have had recent recalls.