Gun control activists' un-American activities on display in Mexico City

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

When you think gun control activists cannot possibly stoop any lower, they do.  Yesterday a group calling itself Global Exchange, held what they labeled a peace summit in Mexico City.  The list of participating organizations reads like a cross-border who’s who of leftism. Center for American Progress, CodePink, SEIU, Black Lives Matter Canada, March for Our Lives, the list goes on.


The stated mission of the summit is, “to cultivate and catalyze a cross-border movement to denounce injustice and drive community-led solutions to the growing inequality, violence and human and migrant rights crises that impact the region.”  The peace summit’s stated goals include:

  1. Ending regional violence
  2. Successfully handling cross-border challenges — like migration, human rights, inequality (fair and sustainable economic development), dangerous gun traffic.

But in reality, the goal of the summit was to bring leftists from across North and Central America together to undermine the U.S. Constitution. This is un-American at its very core.

Never heard about the summit? I hadn’t either until Newtown Action Alliance Chair Po Murray started tweeting about it (yes, she blocked me on Twitter, but she had repeatedly demonstrated she doesn’t understand how Twitter works). It’s important to note, it appears several gun control organizations including Newtown Action Alliance were late additions to the summit as they did not appear on the event’s website as of October 2022.

It’s not surprising that you wouldn’t have heard about the summit.  The organizers probably don’t want you to know.  Why?  Well, despite the high-school level effort they put into the summit’s website, they like to organize these events exclusively for like-minded parishioners, reinforcing their previously held views–all the while telling themselves they are making a difference.  They didn’t want you to know about the summit, for the same reason Po Murray doesn’t allow replies to her tweets.  They don’t like opposing views. They wait until it’s over, declare victory and tell you how they’ve changed the world.


So why did Newtown Action Alliance and other late-arriving gun control groups participate? Well, they are frustrated with the U.S. political system, including the lack of action by the U.S. Congress on their preferred gun control policies. That frustration is only magnified by recent U.S. District and Supreme Court rulings, (DC v Heller) and the very real expansion of gun rights across most of the states in the Union.  They are frustrated with ever increasing gun sales, especially to racial groups they believe they should control. You can almost feel the frustration.

What these gun control activists hope to achieve is a show solidarity with the Mexican government which is suing U.S. companies involved in the manufacture and sales of legal firearms. Five Arizona based retailers are fighting for their very businesses in court. As reported by KAWC,

In a new court filing, the team of lawyers say nothing in the complaint alleges any evidence that the weapons sold by the five companies — three in Tucson, one in Yuma and one in Phoenix — actually were used by Mexican cartels in commission of a crime. In fact, they said, the allegations never even claim that any of the dealers sell their firearms to cartels.

“Instead, Mexico’s theory is that through a series of unspecified events, third-party criminals acquire, sell, and smuggle the firearms originally sold by defendants into Mexico, where they are eventually used by drug cartels to commit crimes,” the dealers argue. And it is these “intervening and superseding acts” that may cause the financial harms Mexico says it suffers from fighting cartels, to the tune of $238 billion, not anything the dealers did.

The lawyers also said that even if the dealers had sold guns to Mexican citizens, there is no duty under U.S. law to protect foreign governments from harm.


Mexican officials are operating on a theory that cartels are acquiring arms in the U.S. and smuggling them into Mexico for illegal cartel activity. A motion to dismiss was filed by the Arizona retailers. What these U.S. dealers have in their favor is a 2005 federal law, The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The PLCAA generally bars civil lawsuits again gun dealers based on the harm caused by the “criminal of unlawful misuse by a third party.”

As has been reported for years, many of these Mexican government officials are on the payroll for the cartels.  Many Mexican officials allow and profit the illegal activities of the cartels on their side of the border, and with the help of U.S. gun control activists, are now reaching across into the United States in an attempt penalize Americans for their own corruption.

So why would Newtown Action Alliance and other gun control groups meet with Mexican government officials?  Well, in part to provide aid and comfort to a corrupt Mexican government that refuses to take any substantive moves to protect its own citizens from the illicit activity of the cartels, as well as to impact elections on both sides of the border.  From the summit’s homepage, “Both Mexico and the U.S. will have critical national elections in 2024. The time to build united, inclusive political power is now.”


But the reality is that these activists view America as the problem, not the criminal cartels, not violent criminals that use firearms to commit crimes, not the drug and human trafficking that is devastating both countries.  No your right to keep and bear arms is the problem.  From the KAWC report,

And there’s something else.

“This case implicates a clash of national values,” they said, with the two countries having different attitudes about private gun ownership.

“In this case, Mexico seeks to reach outside its border and punish federally licensed firearms dealers in the United States, none of whom have been accused, charged or convicted of illegally selling any firearms, due to a disagreement of values concerning access to firearms by citizens,” the attorneys for the gun dealers told Judge Cindy Jorgenson. “This court should not allow Mexico to use the federal judiciary as a tool for circumventing the U.S. domestic legislative process.”

Gun control activists want to bypass a legislative and judicial process they can’t control. And if that doesn’t work? They want to shame American politicians and Americans into aligning with countries that don’t share our values or have our Constitutional protections, calling our right to keep and bear arms a human rights violation.


It’s sick. It’s twisted. It’s un-American.



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