Bearing Arms' own Cam Edwards Honored as SAF's Journalist of the Year

The world of Second Amendment journalism is replete with voices, but few stand out as consistently and as powerfully as the voice of Cam Edwards. It is with immense pride and satisfaction that we at Bearing Arms congratulate Cam on being awarded The Second Amendment Foundation’s (SAF) 2023 Journalist of the Year. This recognition is not merely a nod to the excellence in reporting but is also an acknowledgment of the unwavering commitment to truth, advocacy, and the right to bear arms.


In a statement to Bearing Arms and released on the Second Amendment Foundation website, Alan Gottlieb, SAF Founder and Executive Vice President said,

Cam Edwards has definitely made his mark in journalism. He doesn’t simply reach out to a broad audience, he connects with them in a way that leaves them informed and entertained, enlightened and energized. He provides a much needed look at the ‘other side’ of any story about firearms and the Second Amendment. He has been a pioneer in Second Amendment journalism, and we are delighted to recognize his contributions.

For those familiar with Cam’s work, this accolade might seem overdue, but it’s not the first time Cam has been the recipient of industry recognitions.  This is the second time Edwards has been honored with this SAF award. Edwards, who grew up in Oklahoma and worked there in radio broadcasting, has covered Second Amendment issues for nearly two decades. Edwards now resides in Virginia with his family, where he worked for the National Rifle Association for 15 years and hosted the “Cam & Company” radio show prior to taking over as editor at Bearing in July 2019. He continues to host Cam & Company, Monday thru Thursday.

Since the inception of his career, he has been an unrelenting beacon for Second Amendment rights. His work at has continually shed light on issues, often overlooked by mainstream media, that are critical to the preservation of Americans’ fundamental rights. It’s not just his eloquence and articulation that sets him apart, but also his profound understanding of the importance of the right to bear arms in a free society.


The Second Amendment Foundation’s choice to honor Cam is indicative of their dedication to recognizing those who tirelessly work to safeguard our constitutional rights. Their mission, much like Cam’s, is to ensure that the principles of the United States Constitution remain uneroded and are passed down to future generations intact. By selecting Cam Edwards for this esteemed award, they not only validate his hard work but also emphasize the value of investigative, fair, and balanced journalism in the realm of firearms and personal freedoms.

What makes Cam’s work especially commendable is his ability to meld passion with fact-based reporting. In a time where sensationalism often trumps substance, Cam has consistently chosen the high road – presenting facts, offering balanced views, and allowing readers to draw informed conclusions. His articles don’t just speak to pro-Second Amendment advocates; they resonate with anyone who appreciates well-researched, honest journalism.  Stephen Gutowski, Founder of The Reload shared his thoughts about Cam,

Cam is one of the most reasonable and insightful writers covering firearms today. His work is vital to the public’s understanding of guns. He absolutely deserves this award!

Moreover, in an increasingly digital age where news is consumed in brief, attention-grabbing headlines, Cam’s in-depth approach is both refreshing and necessary. His pieces provide context, historical perspective, and expert analysis, making complex topics accessible to all. This commitment to thorough reporting is what has made Bearing Arms and his show Cam and Company go-to resources for many, and why Cam’s voice is so valued in the community.


Mark Walters, host of two nationally syndicated radio shows, Armed American Radio Daily Defense & The Sunday Monstershow, said this of Cam,

Cam Edwards is not only a friend, but a tremendous resource for all information related to our gun rights. From his many years on Cam and Company, his national television appearances to his latest work at Bearing Arms and everything in-between, he is a national treasure when it comes to informing the public and protecting our right to keep and bear arms. He is surely deserved of this award from The Second Amendment Foundation!

Lastly, it’s essential to note the broader significance of this award. It’s not merely about the recognition of one journalist, as deserving as Cam is. This award highlights the importance of the entire pro-Second Amendment journalistic community. It serves as a reminder that there are many out there dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting the right to bear arms. Through the efforts of people like Cam Edwards, the community becomes stronger, more informed, and better equipped to face challenges, posed by those that want to restrict our freedoms, head-on.

Again, we extend our congratulations to Cam Edwards for winning The Second Amendment Foundation’s 2023 Journalist of the Year. His dedication, tenacity, and exceptional journalistic skills have not only elevated the standards of reporting but also enriched the discourse surrounding the Second Amendment. We certain his work will continue to inspire and inform, reminding us all of the importance of safeguarding our cherished freedoms.  Congratulations to Cam Edwards: The Second Amendment Foundation’s 2023 Journalist of the Year!


[Editor’s note – my thanks to Ryan, Stephen Gutowski, Mark Walters, and of course the Second Amendment Foundation for the honor and the kind words.  There are a LOT of 2A journalists who do an outstanding job of covering 2A issues, and I’m truly humbled to be named Journalist of the Year by SAF. – Cam] 

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