An elderly man in Phoenix gave a man attempting to break into his home a warning that he was armed.

The home invader unwisely failed to heed that warning.

An elderly man shot a suspected burglar inside a home on Tuesday morning.

Phoenix police say the shooting happened in the 3200 block of W. Sells Drive near 35th Avenue and Indian School around 10:20 in the morning. It is unknown if the suspect will survive.

The homeowner a 60-year-old man was home alone when he heard someone in his back yard and then glass breaking. As he saw the suspect enter the home through a window the man warned the suspect he had a gun.

He warned the suspect a second time and police say he perceived a threat so he opened fire.

Supporters of gun control—particularly the unthinking radicals who don’t want any citizens to be armed—would have left this senior citizen at a severe disadvantage in dealing with the suspect, who was estimated to be 17-20 years old. If it were not for the equalizing force of a firearm, the young criminal would have had a distinct physical advantage over the much older man.

People who support gun control are pro-criminal, even if they don’t want to think of themselves that way. Criminals do not obey laws, and some human predators actually take delight in hurting and even killing innocent people.

Firearms provide an equalizing force which allows someone properly trained in their use an opportunity to defend themselves against predators that may be bigger, stronger, younger, more aggressive, and in greater numbers.

You’ll note that even after being shot severely enough that he’s not expected to survive, the young criminal was still able to run five blocks before collapsing. Even fatal shots are not always immediately fatal shots. Even perfect hits may not have the desired effect, and so you must gauge your response on how the threat reacts.