Thanks to absurdly restrictive gun control laws that ensured that only criminals and cops had handguns, Chicago has long been little more than “Mogadishu on Lake Michigan.” It is a bloody nightmare of a city when gunfire crackles through the air, day and night.  Is not at all uncommon for 50 or more people to be shot in the course of a weekend. Indeed, this past weekend, more than 60 people were shot, 9 of them fatally.

But Illinois Democrats have been forced by the courts to finally begin issuing concealed carry permits so that citizens can defend themselves, and the first permits were issued earlier this year.

An unnamed serviceman put his legally concealed handgun to good use Friday night after a thug opened fire on a group of people because they dared move his drink off of their car when they wanted to leave.

No… I’m not kidding.

The military member and three others were leaving a party Friday night in the 11700 block of South Union Avenue in West Pullman, Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain said in Cook County Bond Court.

One of the victims noticed a cup of liquor on top of her vehicle and asked attendees of a party next door who it belonged to, Hain said.

When she removed it, Denzel A. Mickiel approached her, shouting obscenities and threatening her and her friends, according to Hain and court records.

Mickiel, 22, went into the residence, returned with a gun and began firing at the group, she said.

As Mickiel fired shots at the victims’ vehicle, the military member retrieved his gun and took cover near the vehicle’s front fender, according to Hain. Two unidentified males also shot at the group, she said.

The service member fired two shots and struck Mickiel twice, she said.

A woman who was part of the group of victims that was trying to leave was struck with two bullets fired by the group of attackers, but is in stable condition at an area hospital.

Mickiel, the thug that started the attack because he didn’t want his drink moved, is in critical condition, thanks to the excellent marksmanship of the serviceman, who hit Mickiel with both shots that he fired.

Mickiel’s fellow thugs that also fired at the victims trying to leave the party have yet to be named or arrested.

One can only imagine that this incident would have been far worse if the three craven criminal attackers didn’t have anyone firing back at them, and they had the opportunity to close with and pump rounds at their intended victims without being contested.

You’ll also note that while the criminals opened fire at innocent people for the dumbest of possible reasons, the serviceman with the concealed carry permit retrieved his handgun and judiciously fired just two very accurately aimed shots at the immediate threat. He did not spray bullets wildly as gun control cultists always assume concealed carriers will.

Once again, a good guy with a gun stopped bad guys with a gun.