This isn’t a new video (from May, 2014), but qualifies as new for most people. Youtuber ZADRIAN witnesses his first armed robbery after he and his girlfriend just left a restaurant. He followed the suspects and called 911, then watched as two more criminals showed up in a getaway vehicle to pick them up.

After it was all over, he contemplated his choice of carry gun, and found it to be lacking in a world where criminals are increasingly attacking in groups.

Do you think your single-stack pistol is enough, or have you gone to a double-stack pistol and multiple magazines for concealed carry?

* * *

By the way, carrying a spare magazine in a pocket is a horrible idea. Pocket lint can be introduced to the magazine, and the magazine will shift, be uncomfortable, etc. You’re inviting failure.

Use OWB/IWB mag pouches, and carry magazines you can conceal, not an absurdly over-length stick magazine.