Letter from California: Orange County judge 'deports' American citizen

There are many cases of child abuse reported every day. It’s a sad state of affairs in this country when even one child suffers at the hands of their abuser.

One case involving allegations of child abuse, stands out, in particular, as one of the most bizarre cases that I have come across in recent years.


The events surrounding this case are even more inexplicable. While many of the facts appear to be based on ‘he said, she said’, what is real is that there is an innocent victim involved.

This story brings with it allegations of wrongdoing by Child Protective Services, intentional ignoring of the facts by the District Attorney’s office, conflict-of-interest claims against some attorneys involved in the case, and claims that the judges in the matter are not acting in the best interests of the victim.

The victim in this case is a child by the name of Lexi Dillon, who is 9-years-old. Her parents were never married but became involved in a paternity action in Family Court in Orange County, California, located 34 miles south of Los Angeles.

The strange twists and turns in this case, if true, are unexplainable and end with the ‘deportation’ of an American citizen back to her alleged abuser.

According to an organization whose mission it is to inform the public, a summary of the timeline of this case is, as follows:

Ruby Dillon, a practicing dentist and mother of Lexi Dillon, filed a paternity action and was awarded sole custody in 2005, after alleging that Lexi’s father was abusive. The father, Mahathep ‘Matthew’ Srikureja, is a Pakistani national with Thai citizenship.

In 2010, Srikureja filed for a custody modification. In March 2011, a doctor examined Lexi and concluded that Dillon should have primary custody. The court agreed.


The case doesn’t end there, however.

In February, 2012, Dillon notices that her child is bleeding from her rectal area and immediately takes her to the hospital. The ER doctor allegedly confirms sexual abuse occurred and reports his findings to the police.

A hearing in Family Court is then scheduled to request an investigation. The Court Commissioner denies the investigation and removes five days of Dillon’s monthly custody.

In December 2012, Lexi evidently makes an allegation against her father, is removed by Tustin police, and subsequently placed in CPS custody. Almost immediately, she is removed from CPS custody and returned to her father. It is alleged that her own minor’s counsel helped in having her removed and returned to her father.

Approximately one month later, Lexi again reported an allegation against her father. As before, she is removed by Tustin police, placed in CPS custody, and then removed by CPS and given back to her father.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that CPS had apparently betrayed Lexi’s trust, the court continued the betrayal when they allegedly denied expert witnesses the ability to testify on her behalf.

Next, things worsened when it was discovered that Lexi’s minor’s counsel may have had a hidden agenda. Evidently, father’s attorney previously represented minor’s counsel in his own personal case. This information was not revealed to the court.

When Dillon brought the conflict-of-interest to the court’s attention, the removal was apparently denied by the court.


Additionally, at one point, Lexi disclosed to the police that her father had taken pictures of her and placed them on his computer. Even with all of the prior allegations made by Lexi against her father, the police were evidently denied their request for a search warrant from the DA’s office.

Subsequently, when the police sought to have criminal charges brought against the father, the DA’s office once again were of no help and allegedly refused to file charges.

Lexi’s father was then later awarded full custody in June by OC Judge James L. Waltz.

The final betrayal to Lexi may have occurred in July, when the latest judge, Judge Salter, ordered Lexi’s ‘deportation’ to her father and alleged abuser in Thailand.

The mother could be arrested for attempting to save her daughter from leaving the country, per judge’s order, as reported by The Daily Kos, a daily weblog with political analysis on US current events from a liberal perspective.

“The Daily Kos,” reports that, “Prior to lifting a travel ban last month, Salter officially acknowledged in court that doing such would be tantamount to sending Lexi to sex slavery in Thailand. In attempting to cover his tracks, Salter has chosen to punish two mandated reporters for verifying the rape and sodomization of the girl.  Salter has stricken evidence of sexual abuse and mere reference to professionals confirming the sex acts from the record.  Salter has punished the mother for letting the girl talk to the police.  He has punished her for taking the girl to a doctor for treatment of the sexual abuse.  The mother only lost custody BECAUSE she let the child be treated for the medical damage done by the father’s alleged sex acts and BECAUSE she let the daughter talk to the Tustin police about what her father did to her.


Has the justice system in OC and those sworn to protect innocent children failed? Did the court punish Dillon by not returning Lexi to her? Even assuming the court suspected Dillon of bringing false allegations against the father to win her custody battle, would the police and other professionals lie for the mother? Clearly, the answer is ‘no’.

More and more allegations of corruption are coming to light and need to be fully investigated. If the ‘system’ in OC is broken then it needs to be brought to the public’s attention and fixed. Allegations against the OC system, however, may just be the tip of the iceberg in a growing national epidemic.

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