High Noon Heaven, CovertCarrier, A Better Holster

High Noon Heaven

A few months ago, I walked into my office in the morning and a big package was sitting on my desk. I looked at the return address and it said, Tarpon Springs, Florida. Oh boy, I thought, that can only mean one thing. High Noon Holsters!

I had called Claire at High Noon awhile back and had ordered some of their products for my three favorite handguns. I tore open the box and excitedly looked at my “early” birthday presents. As I tore open the plastic zip-lock bags, I have to tell you… I was in “High Noon Heaven”. The box contained three holsters and one belt. One holster each for my Glock 21, Glock 36 and my Kimber 1911 and, well, I only needed one belt.

Sky High

The “Sky High” is a cowhide holster with two belt slots. It rides high, has an open muzzle, and a steel reinforced thumb break. I got this one for my Glock 21. Like all well-made, custom leather holsters it was a little snug out of the box.

After a few “break-in” sessions and a minor adjustment of the rubber grommet tension screw, well this thing fit perfectly. The 15° forward can’t put the gun at the perfect angle when holstered. My Glock 21 normally lives in a Kydex holster. When I put it in the “Sky High” for the first time, I could have sworn I heard the gun say, “Wow, this feels great!”


The next holster I opened up was the High Noon “Snapper”. This one was for my main carry gun, the Glock 36. The Snapper is designed to be worn in the 4 o-clock position and attaches to your belt with two leather snap straps. The snap straps make it really easy to put this holster on and take it off without having to remove your belt.

The “Snapper” doesn’t have a retention strap, but it does have a nice sized chunk of leather that covers the entire slide. This offers a nice layer of protection between your body and your gun’s slide.

Need For Speed

The “Need For Speed” was the holster for my full-sized Kimber 1911. This thing rides high and very close to the body. It has an open muzzle and a very low-cut design. I’ve got an extended barrel on my Kimber so the open muzzle design was perfect for this gun.

The “Need For Speed” also has an extruded plastic sight rail that is sewn right into the holster. This is perfect for eliminating any front sight snags. The neatest thing about this holster is that the cowhide is reversed. The smooth side is on the inside. This makes for a nice fast draw. Another neat thing is the double layer of leather around the holster opening. Because of this nice stiff opening, you can re-holster with one hand.

Rock Steady Belt

Okay, when I took the belt out of the box, I was simply amazed. I used to wear a “double-thick” leather belt by Carhart. Well, the “Rock Steady Belt” from High Noon made my Carhart belt look like it belonged on one of my daughter’s Barbie dolls. I’m serious.

This belt is actually made by laminating and sewing together 2 layers of 7 oz. Steer hide with a layer of some sort of mystery material in between. When they decided to call it “Rock Steady”, well they weren’t kidding. The thing I liked most about this belt is that it didn’t look like a “commando-gun-belt”. It just looked like a really nice dress belt that could support about seven full-sized guns!

The one I got was the 1.5″ wide model which fit perfectly with all of the holsters that I had ordered.

Each one of these High Noon products was just beautiful. Double stitching was everywhere! The finish on the leather was flawless. Are these holsters inexpensive? No way. But with High Noon, you got more than you pay for. High Noon custom makes each of these holsters for YOUR gun.

Based on what I saw on their website, there aren’t too many gun molds that they don’t have.

Okay, you may be asking yourself, “Why does Tim only talk about High Noon Holsters?” You may even be wondering, “Doesn’t he realize there are OTHER holster manufacturers out there?” Well, you may have a good point. I will be the first to admit that my “holster box” is mostly filled with holsters made by High Noon. I DO have other holsters that are just as nice. I guess I just like High Noon.

I’m one of those guys that stick with things they like. Heck, when I go out to dinner with my wife,

I order the SAME THING every time. That is just the way I am.

High Noon makes a fantastic product and they’re really nice people. I’m not really sure what else you could want!

High Noon Holsters
P.O. Box 1923
Tarpon Springs FL 34688

I got a call a few months ago from a guy that owns a company called Covert Carrier. He is actually a life member of U.S. Concealed Carry! He explained to me a product that he created for ultra deep concealment. I listened as he told me how this little “clip-thing” was supposed to work. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical.

Well, he proceeded to send me a sample of this product along with a North American Arms .380 ACP Guardian. The “Covert Carrier” was actually a little steel clip that was expertly integrated into a replacement grip panel. As I turned the gun over in my hands, I thought, “How in the heck is this thing going to work?”

Against my better judgment, I actually picked up the instructions and read them. The instructions told me to slide the clip over my pants and then behind my belt. Then I was supposed to push the clip forward until the little notch in the steel slips right into the belt loop. After doing this, the gun practically disappeared! It was pretty cool.

The Covert Carrier allows you to wear a small to mid-sized semi-auto pistol in the appendix position, inside the waistband, and below the beltline. I have to tell you, this was some pretty deep concealment. With a slightly bloused shirt, you couldn’t see a darn thing.

The draw of the gun took a little getting used to. It is more of a fingertip draw and you certainly have to be careful since your trigger guard is not covered. But once I got the hang of it, the draw was not a problem.

This is a pretty innovative product. You might want to check it out.

2232 South Nellis Blvd, PMB #217
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 245-6302
A Better Holster

Finally! Someone designed a concealment shirt holster that actually works. Before I got my hands on the “A Better Holster” concealment shirt holster, I had already owned two different styles of shirt holsters. One of these shirt holsters was a mesh tank-top that retained my gun like a wet noodle. The other one had so many straps that I couldn’t figure out how to put it on.

So when this one showed up, I was pretty excited. The guys at “A Better Holster” did two things right. First, they built the holster around a tight-fitting, yet very stretchy polypropylene fabric shirt. The tight fit allows the gun to stay exactly where it belongs, while the stretchy fabric allows for a very comfortable fit.

The second thing they did right was to design the shirt with a “dual-layer” holster panel. This panel does an excellent job of securely retaining your gun. There is even a panel on the other side which can hold extra magazines. Since the panels are different, you have to order the shirt as right or left handed.

Like I said before, I’m glad someone finally got the concealment shirt holster right!

A Better Holster