Make the comparison:  

George Washington’s Cabinet:

Secretary of State:  Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of War: Henry Knox
Secretary of the Treasury: Alexander Hamilton
Attorney General: Edmund Randolph

Barack Hussein (I would have included George Washington’s middle name, as well, but he did not have one) Obama’s Cabinet:

Secretary of State: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of Defense: Robert Gates
Secretary of the Treasury: Timothy Geitner
Attorney General: Eric Holder.

The evolution of the Presidential Cabinet is truly a transition from the sublime to the ridiculous. Considering that three of the current office holders should be in jail rather than in Obama’s cabinet, to make the comparison between the pygmies in office under this ridiculous President in the 21st century, to the giants of the late 18th century is stunning. It tragically says a lot about where we are right now.

George Washington embodied love for his country and its unique raison d’etre; everything he did and said, in his adult life and in his Presidency, demonstrated this.  The opposite is true for Obama — everything he does and says manifests his loathing for America and its people.  

George Washington understood power, political and otherwise, and he used it, though not for himself, but for his nation.  He was a brilliant judge of people, and chose those who worked with or advised him with almost universal success (Benedict Arnold comes to mind as preventing this success from being 100%).  He was sincere in seeking the advice of the members of his Cabinet in forming his new nation; in fact, he relied heavily on this counsel.  Unfortunately, some in his Cabinet so loathed each other that Washington had to eventually serve as much a referee as in implementing the policies of his new nation as advised by these brilliant men.  Thomas Jefferson so detested Alexander Hamilton, for example, (to whom he always referred as “that awful Caribbean”), that by the middle of Washington’s second term he refused to continue to serve in the Cabinet, despite the pleas of George Washington to stay on as his Secretary of State.

Now, let’s make another comparison.  In the late 18th century, many of these giants had to be persuaded in stay in office; can anyone imagine Hillary Clinton or Eric Holder voluntarily giving up the power they now have?  It has become clear in the last very long 10 months that total power over the American electorate is the sole reason for the rapid and brutal implementation of the agenda of Obama and his fellow socialists.  Try as I might, I do not envision Obama voluntarily giving up the power he has largely illegally and unconstitutionally amassed.  

George Washington, in great contrast, voluntarily gave up power — not just once, but three times.  When the astonishing success of the Americans in the Revolutionary War became clear, a success that never should have happened, (a ragtag, constantly changing group of men battling the strongest fighting force in the world at that time, often in bleeding bare feet and with no bullets in their muskets), the move was made to crown George Washington King of America, a move which actually horrified him and he immediately rejected.  Then, when General Washington attempted to resign his commission as General, he was pleaded with by the Congress to stay on and lead the country as General for Life.  He said no to this request, and returned to his beloved Mount Vernon to resume life as a private citizen.  Then, at the end of his eight years as our first President, when he informed Congress that he was not going to run for a third term, to them it was unimaginable that they not be under the leadership of George Washington.  So, he was again pleaded with to stay on and lead the nation, this time as President for Life.  He again said no, explaining that he wanted to ensure the continuation of his young republic by insuring the peaceful transfer of power to his elected successor.  To George Washington, the election of the second President was more important than the first, as it would guarantee the continuation of this republic through peaceful means, the first of its kind in history.

Imagine our current Bower in Chief behaving in this unselfish a manner for the good of his country and its people. On the contrary, Obama has made it clear to the world that he not only wants to rule America, and to achieve this by nothing short of the destruction of the America that existed before his ascendancy, but he also wants to rule the world, of course for its own good.  He and his cohorts will clearly use any means necessary to achieve this.  

It nothing less than a tragedy how far we have fallen as a nation, and as a people, that the current sorry excuse for a President, Barack Hussein Obama, now holds the office first held by that colossus of a man, George Washington. That is most evident in the comparison of their use of power. To George Washington, a president was to serve the will of the people; to Barack Obama, the people are to be either ignored, manipulated and/or ruled over.  Again, make the comparison between the great man who showed such respect for the American people, and the tyrant who has nothing but contempt for the people.  He does this as he rushes to establish an ‘elite’ group of socialists who are as rapidly as possible grabbing power to rule all aspects of American lives, hopefully before we wake up to this fact.

But what is not tragic is that the American people have figured this out, and imbued with the will of George Washington and his fellow Founders, we will not allow this petty tyrant to succeed in the destruction of this nation.  The spirit of the American people is unique in the world, and it ennobles its people capable of achieving anything.  This spirit, which has enabled the American people to achieve great things so many times during our more than 200 years, is becoming resurgent as we take the steps necessary to fight to save our country from the forced decline begun so radically by Obama.  We are going to win this battle, because we get the country that George Washington and his ilk founded, and gave us to protect and defend, and Obama and his people do not.  That gives us the advantage in stopping, in time, what these pygmies are trying to do to our country.  In doing this, we will be living up to the extraordinary example of the greatest man in our nation’s history.

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