The Facts Are Conservative

“The facts are conservative.”

Said by the inestimable Mrs.Thatcher.

Do you think the left in this country is beginning to understand this?

Even if they do, and I’ve a sneaking suspicion that this is in fact sinking in to the ones who have some remaining contact with reality, those who get what is happening are fighting the facts while becoming increasingly troubled by what they see.


The examples of this are legion.

There is the plummeting support for the massive health care reform proposal — it’s not dead yet — despite the year long non-stop lies by the left saying whatever it thought it should say to achieve passage.  They basically do not care one whit if it is supported by the American people, but some of the more realistic members of the left are beginning to see the backlash on their precious agenda that will result if this nation-destroying monstrosity is passed.

Also, there is the stunning and continuing drop in poll numbers across the board for Obama, who is indispensable to the radical left in getting their policies in place.   Obama and the other left spokesmen will say and do anything to get their programs in place; the truth, and whether these policies are of any benefit to the American people, is completely them in achieving the power that would result from their agenda’s enactment; contrary to the left’s projections, the American people understand this.

The majority of the American public is clearly catching on to the left’s increasingly squeamish reactions to anything that doesn’t fit their agenda, but is, unfortunately for the left, important to the American people; e.g., the security of our nation.  Witness the discomfort, actually outright resentment on the part of Obama and his laughable Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, in having to respond to the most recent act of terrorism on American soil.  To the left, there is no such thing as terrorism – only random individual acts of violence, which should surely start being done by returning members of our military anyway; the religion of peace has nothing whatsoever to do with it.


The new media is screaming (and streaming) the truth and it is being heard all over the nation, in fact the world.  These brave men and women are not the least bit intimidated by the threats of Obama and his cronies, and are continuing to inform everyone who is listening (that is another number that is growing by the hour) of what the left is trying to do.  The audience of this understands the seriousness of the leftist agenda, and how destructive it is, and will be, to America and its people.

It is logic (to anyone but the left; they seemed somehow to have missed the fall of communism and/or the Berlin wall) that controlled economies do not succeed, and that is becoming clearer to the American people every day that our economy does not recover, that jobs are not forthcoming, as we see more and more money being poured into useless programs, (e.g., yet another $3.8 billion going into the thoroughly corrupt Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae), and even more money being recklessly printed.  Leftist lies and excuses about how this is all Bush’s fault, and/or that the economy really is recovering anyway, are falling on increasingly deaf American ears.

Americans, even supporters of the left, have been pleading with this Administration for months to turn, even just temporarily, (completely for show, anyway), its attention to the economy, and handle the rest of the radical agenda of the left, i.e., health care reform, cap & trade, card check, etc., after the economy had been rescued (like that was ever going to happen with their policies), and the noise this disappointed group has been making is getting louder and louder.


The left will forgive anything of those who can place it in permanent power, and they were convinced that this lot could finally do it; this group, headed by the one and only Barack Hussein Obama, is truly different from those who went before.  For example, as Obama has said repeatedly, with pride, that he was the one who would finally pass health care reform after the unsuccessful attempts by so many other Democratic Presidents; the great commentator Dr. Thomas Sowell explains this.  The reason it was never passed before is that the American people never have wanted and never will want universal socialized medicine – and those Obama-designated loser Presidents who went before were actually doing what the Constitution demands, & that is to bow to the will of the American people.  According to Dr. Sowell, the only historic thing about the Obama health care reform plan is that it would be the first such proposal to be passed completely against what the majority of the American people want.  This quite serious disconnect, in the purported land of the free, as it becomes more and more obvious to the majority of the American people, is increasingly disturbing to the left zealots who can practically taste how close they are to total power.

The American people do not like to be lied to, nor do they like to be treated as if they were idiots, and the left has been doing both regularly during the last year.  Actually, they’ve been doing this much longer than that; remember the centrist Obama during the campaign?  The reason for this is quite simple – they do think we’re stupid.  Just in case, though, to keep us pacified, we need to be lied to, as well.  As self-styled elites, the leftists who run the current Administration would have us think that what they are doing is for our own good, even if it goes against everything we have repeatedly and vociferously let them know that we want or do not want.  It doesn’t matter to them what we say, we’re clearly too imbecilic to know what is for our own good, so we need Obama and his lieutenants to show us the way.


As America, in its last Presidential election, turned farther left than at any time in its history, a majority of Western nations have done the opposite, and turned from the left to the center-right.  Germany, (a former ally of the United States), elected conservative Angela Merkel, and France (another former ally of the United States) did the same with the election of Nicholas Sarkozy.  As the leaders of these nations, and numerous others in Europe, finally understand the limitations of massive government taxing and spending, the United States of America under its current leadership, is determined to duplicate these mistakes, in spades. The Obama government has gone so far left in these policies that it has actually been criticized by both Merkel and Sarkozy for its non-stop and never before seen levels of spending, which these national leaders both felt would jeopardize any possible global economic recovery.  Yet another inglorious first by this President: the United States being taken to task by the Social Democratic nations of Germany and France for our undertaking too much government spending!  Even the international left is becoming increasingly uneasy over the destructive policies being implemented by Obama and his people.

As the Obama Administration and his like-thinking Congress aggressively march America off the edge of a cliff financially, certain individual states demonstrate to the American people what our future holds if the left profligate spending policies are allowed to continue.  New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Michigan, for example, all tragic products of the destructive policies of the left, are approaching bankruptcy, all are losing more and more population and all are seeing their states’ private businesses escape to states that are more business friendly in their tax policies.  The left in charge of these states continues in these ruinous policies, as they keep demanding more money either from each states’ already overtaxed population, (on their way out of town). or from the Federal government under Obama, who clearly regards the American currency as Monopoly money.  Those leftists who have been so successful in destroying these states’ economies cannot help but notice the flourishing economy and wise tax policies of a state like Texas, where so many of their former residents have relocated, while their own former glorious states continue in their rush toward decline, decay and financial ruin.


I refer yet again to the one and only Mrs. T:

The trouble with Socialist governments, she once observed, “is that they eventually run out of other people’s money.”

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